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At Princess, clown and Apollo or fountains of Moscow

Do you know how many big fountains work in Moscow? About two hundreds. Even specialists cant say their exact number as every year we observe replenishment in the fountain family.

For the first time fountains, or as they were called then water-jet, got to the capital under tsar Alexei Michailovitch, who liked foreign wonders very much. In his estate in Kolomensk he arranged various entertainments for his guests, but the wonder didnt settle down and the first public fountain in Moscow was built only 200 years later in 19 century. The famous sculpture Vitali executed the fountain in Teatralnaya square, which has been kept to our days. Its water was the clearest, therefore inhabitants used to come here with tubs and buckets. And though modern fountains cant boast of so clear water, their form is really unique.

We will begin our Sunday walking with the famous square near the Bolshoi theater. It seems a huge water flower blossomed out in the center of the green little park with lawns. If looking at the roof of the theater through clear sprays, it seems that the horses, harnessed to Apollos chariot, are savaging, and manes are fluttering in the wind.

Fountains in Manezhnaya square have become a beloved place for newly-married couples. Very long ago there was a knight custom to cross sabers above bridegroom and bride in order to cut off evil and unhappiness. In our days young couples walk under clear jets of fountains for luck and throw coins in them.

In Manezhnaya square there is the biggest water construction. The volume of water makes up 780 cubic meters. Fountain Snail consists of two fountains. It is a small fountain of two froth jets at the very beginning of the construction. The way, which the water of the fountain follows before reaching the river-bed, reminds spiral. In the bed-river one of the sculptures by Tsereteli, Crane and fox.

Later fountain Grotto follows. Seven froth jets and a sculpture of mermaid, who settled down for resting in the cozy grotto decorate the fountain.

New fountains become cluttered with legends. Perhaps, fountain Alexander and Natali at the Nikitsky gates has the most beautiful one. Near it, in the temple of Big Ascension, where Pushkin got married. A drink of water from this fountain promises loving couples supernatural bliss. By the way it is the only fountain in Moscow, where drinking water runs. From others its impossible to drink.

In the evening fountains look more effective, because most of them are illuminated with floodlights. In park of Pobeda from the wall on Poklonnaya hill in the direction of the Triumphal arch a solemn cascade complex. When twilight falls on the city, jets in red rays resemble huge red candles.

And may be you are going in the circus in Tsvetnoi boulevard? At the entry a unique monument to all peoples beloved clown Jury Nikulin, and not far away, on the boulevard itself a clown with an umbrella another capital composition balances. No ticket to circus performance is left? Then go forward to Arbat. The symbol of Vahtangovs theater is play Princess Turandot. An image of the arrogant beauty became the theme of the only fountain in Arbat. Full of impressions after the play dont hurry to the Metro, but walk along Arbat and Suvorovsky boulevard, go to Tverskaya street and then reach garden Aquarium. Under crowns of trees god Apollo, playing water strings of his harp, found refuge. It protects two theaters simultaneous (the theater of Satire and the Philharmonic theater).


Summer rains

The most southern fountain of the capital is Summer rains. The construction of three cups imitates warm summer rain. Multicolored rainbow, watering with rain jets, has worked bringing pleasure to children and has decorated this beautiful area since 2001.


Fountain of Russian university of peoples friendship

The fountain of Russian university of peoples friendship is, perhaps, the most famous in Moscow and in the world. In the university students from far countries. The fountain itself is quite massive construction.

Above the supermarket three equal fountains-jets, which fully repeat cupolas of the supermarket of stained glass in form of the globe, are set.


Theft of the Europe

One of the youngest squares of the city at the Kievsky station was called Square of the Europe and a present from Brussels mayor in form of this sculpture, named Theft of the Europe. In brief its plot can be described in the following way: Zeus, who turned into a bull, kidnaps the beauty Europe. One can know the details in the literature in mythology of Ancient Greece. This fountain is the most computerized and power-consuming in the city.

Now its high time to visit this famous capital park, situated on the bank of the Moscow river, here loud music always plays, lights of the side-shows glows and childrens laugh is heard. Among all this jets of several fountains raise to the sky. We will speak of them in detail.


Fountain Colour musical

Having entered the territory of the Park through its central entry from the side of street Krimsky val, we will see this fountain, raising jets high above Fountain square.

The fountain is not simple and it is seen from its name. With coming of twilight jets are colored in various colors and change their height to music. The following story is connected with this fountain: it was built by Olympic games of 1980 by project of western German firm Siemens and in the same year it was gone into production.

Years went, requirements changed and in 2001 the highlight of the fountain was cut off by order of Moscow City Energetic Inspectorate as not corresponding to safety requirements. The reason of it lies in the fact that valves of powerful underwater lamps worked from tension 220 watt.

In order to return this fountain in all colors to the city, engineers of one of capital fountain firms got down to this business. Now the filament lamps are changed by light diodes and works from safety 12 volt.


Fountain Girl with a jug

This fountain hid at the exit out of the Park to Leninsky prospect. Its history is interesting by the fact that for a long time it was in desolation and only in 1998 when works in accomplishment of the territory and the people paid attention to the fountain.


Cascade Bather

In morning haze of a summer day stands she: beauty-sportswoman or Bather. By the way despite her outward youth she stood on her base in 1952. This construction is unique in its own way, because it has no pump and water flows down in a haphazard manner from the pond situated above.

Fountain of peoples friendship

The system of controlling the fountain allows to create various pictures by jets, because their maximal height makes up 24 m it is so called gala jets. Some time it didnt work. After reconstruction the fountain works much better. This year it has pleased inhabitants and guests of the city.

Fountain Stone flower

Fountain Stone flower was built in 1954. Some elements of this fountain were made in the workshop of Academy of Arts so thoroughly they approached to this building!

Here it is the flower itself, faced with smalt, it appeared before us from Bazhovs fairy-tales as if by magic.

Small fountains of VVC (All-Russian Exhibition Center)

For the first time after many years at the exhibition the fountain came alive: it happened owing to the Festival of Flowers. This water facility is placed at the entry of the pavilion Culture and consists of three cups. They worked short: right after their opening the nipples were taken away and water was poured out. Perhaps, deterioration of the equipment affects.

This is a central cup. High jets break away from the stone vase.

Why do we experience only pleasant emotions near the fountain? Scientists give an explanation to this fact. Water, breaking into sprays, saturates air with negative ions. They are called vitamins of health.

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