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Various Sights In Zvenigorod

Zvinigorod is situated at a distance of 46 km from Moscow.  Zvenigorod is one of the most ancient towns on the territory of modern Moscow suburbs.

It was founded by Jury Dolgoruky, admittedly in 1152. For the first Zvenigorod was mentioned in 1328 in theological document of Ivan Kalita. Zvenigorod is situated on the highest left bank of the Moscow-river.

As Zvenigorod was situated on the hill, at its foot gradually formed trade and handicraft suburbs. Already in the XIII-XIV centuries the town was divided into inner fortresses of suburb settlement, where commercial people used to settle.

When along the bank of the Moscow-river one is nearing to the steep hill, on which Savinno-Storozhevsky monastery is situated, white solid walls, golden cupolas, crosses and crescents, shining with triumph, looks tale, come alive. This feeling is deepening when entering the monastery gates so variegated and manifold constructions, littered on the territory of the monastery, are: one-cupola Rozhdestvensky cathedral shines with ancient whiteness. The Tsarinas chambers, built for the first wife of tsar Alexei Michailovitch, often and welcome guest here, glow with hot red color; multi-tier belfry with a horologium attracts attention by its baroque coquetry.

Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery was built about in 1405, which is the evidence of the height level of crafts development in the town. Let us note the main sights of the monastery. The refectory, Alexei Michailovitchs palace, Tsars chambers and Troitskaya church deserve attention. As a whole Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery as an architectural monument resembles Troitsko-Sergieva lavra in Sergiev Posad.
In 1919 year this monastery was closed. In 1941in occupation time was demolished the unique big ring, which mass was 35 tons, but this church was returned to eparchy. And in XXI century was founded new ring.  

 Not far from it, there is a cell, where was built a church in the name of saint Saav. It was raised next to cave,which was served for Saav a place of solitude.
On the territory of Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery is settled the Historic architectural Museum. The main expositions of this museum are placed in the building of Tsaritsiny Palaty (XVII cent.).They recounts about history of creation Zvenigorod and  Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery. The main important collections of the museum are the marvellous iconic table, the collection of people line of business of Zvenigorod uyezd and the collection of art wicker works.

God's Ascension Church. This temple has a rich and tragic story.

The ascension temple was created in XVI cent., but first of all it was wooden church. At the end of XVII cent. this church was rebuilt by stones, in classicism style, which had three side altars. In Patriotic War times the temple was exposed of destructions by french army, and after the war was reconstructed. In1838 was built a ring.

It was the main local temple, which was closed in 1922 year. In that time there was the place for purchases of grains, and then it was demolished in 1941. For a long time this holy place was nothing, and only in 1998 year was constructed not a big memorable monument chapel. At present time it is a five domed bricked building in neo Byzantine style. The creation of Ascension temple became a symbol of ancient renascence Zvenigorod and its spiritual transfiguration.

Church of Alexander Nevsky. In 1897 year the meeting of town representatives decided to built a temple in memory of Alexander Nevsky. The construction began in 1898 year, and the church was sacred in 1902.
Since 1920-38 years the senior priest was archpriest Nikolay, who was executed by shooting in 1938, and later he was canonized of martyrs and confessors in Russia. After his death the temple was closed and passed to Zvenigorod uyezd.

The renascence of this temple began in 1991. This building was returned to church and divine service continued. In 1998 year was carried out great work of reconstruction internal appearance of the temple, in 2002 was raised a new iconic table.
There are kept some sacred bones of Russian Orthodox holy people and spirits.
In Zvenigorod one may interested in farmsteads of XIX century.
At a distance of 2 km from the town there is the estate Vvedenskoe in classicism style: the palace

with Corinthian columns on the main front. This estate is considered as one of the beautiful farmstead in Near Moscow.  It was a wonderful model of palace estate for Russia elite.

At a distance of 3 km is placed Djutkovo village. It has picturesque outskirts and various placement at the bottom of dell.

At a distance of 6 km is situated the village Dunino. At this village was living a writer Michael Prishvin. Now days in Dunino is opened the museum devoted to works M.M. Prishvin.  

The main treasure of Zvenigorod area is, of course, the nature, in other words, beauty, sunny frosty clinking freshness. All these sights, certainly, should be seen by your own eyes. No photo, no even wonderful picture can reproduce all impressions after contemplation an architects work. To see and to experience is not our tribute to the past and the beautiful. It is an opportunity for us and our progeny to enrich our soul, touching the great Russian heritage.

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