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Zheleznovodsk - Cascade stairs, Slavyanovsky spring, Decorative lake

The smallest, the most northern, the greenest city-resort of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. After spending his holiday under Zheleznaya mountain composer Miliy Alekseevitch Balakirev wrote rapturously: Zheleznovodsk is a wonderful place, you can imagine nothing of the kind. It is impossible to describe its location. It is possible to explain something in words, in writing you should be Lermontov in order to picture the nature well and skillfully. The climate is wonderful here, look of the Caucasian mountains bring something energetic, strong in me

The nature

Zheleznovodsk is situated between mountains Beshtau and Zheleznaya in Zheleznovodskaya valley, covered with thick broad-leaved forest, resembling dark-green surface of the sea with cupola-shaped and steep islands.

Zheleznovodsk forest park is the only park of natural origin in the Caucasian Mineral Waters. It is a part of forest riches of Beshtaugorskoe forestry. Main wood species of the park are ash-tree, oak. About 1350 sorts of plants, 125 of which are medicinal and 25 vitamin-containing and used in medical practice, is represented here. Not only flora but also fauna is rich deer, roe and pheasants are met.

Spring and summer are saturated with aromas of numerous flowering plants, it is warm, not hot. But the best season for rest and travels is autumn sunny, dry, with bright colors of landscapes and abundance of ripe fruits a real boon for those who wish to prolong summer.

The wonderful nature, absence of large industrial enterprises, remoteness from ecologically unfavorable territories allows, by opinion of many native and foreign specialists, to attribute this city to small Switzerland. Wonderful climate of Zheleznovodsk is similar to the climate of middle Alps, the air is saturated with oxygen and phytoncides of forest. All this arouse positive emotions in resting people and raise persistence of stresses.

The history of the spring

Soldiers of Constantinogorskaya fortress, hunting in these places, called the mineral springs, having red-rusty color, iron water. Hence the name of the town.

The resort, which was called Iron water (Zheleznaya Water), began to be built on only in 20-30 years of XIX century. In the first fifty years of its existence Zheleznovodsk resort developed with difficulty and very slowly. A Cossaks settlement, which was bordered with the medicinal springs, acquired name Zheleznovodsk since 1860. Cuttings in the forest, laid the foundation of present Zheleznovodsk park, were hacked through at the springs on Zheleznaya mountain in 1825. A cutting through Beshtaugorsky forest from German colony Karras was hacked through for convenience of journeys from Pyatigorsk to Zheleznie Waters.

Building of a railway, connecting Caucasian Mineral Waters with central Russia, served a new incitement to development of the resort. A branch for 5 km is separated from station Beshtau to Zheleznovodsk. The Zheleznovodsk station was put in operation simultaneously with the branch line on the 1st of January of 1897, it is a monument of architecture, is preserved by the state.

Growth of resort Zheleznovodsk at the beginning of XX century was carried out only at the expense of private dachas and manors. Intensive development of the resort began after finish of the civil war in the country. Private dachas and manors were reequipped into sanatoriums. Afterwards, when the country recovered from the collapse, building of new comfortable sanatoriums, rest homes, dietary canteens, bath buildings was spread.

Capacity of the resort increased from 4 to 20 thousand people per a season. New canteens, a wash-house, a plant on bottling of mineral water appeared. A resort park changed beyond recognition after acquiring of complete decoration. A smart stone stairs with cascades of waterfalls, surrounded with sculptural personages of Russian tales, decorated it. Since 1938 the resort has been changed to all-the-year-round exploitation and this has given 30 thousand people an opportunity to improve their health every year.


Medicinal park especially stands out among the sights. Laid on base of the natural forest by the same soldiers of Constantinogorskaya fortress in 1825, a dense emerald carpet fluently transforms into natural Beshtaugorsky forest tract at the foot of Zheleznaya mountain. In the upper part of the park, in the end of the main alley there is one of the most popular medicinal springs Smirnovsky. A color music fountain occupies a ground before the Smirnovsky spring. It is one of the beloved places of rest of adults and children. A sculpture of eagle a symbol of Caucasian Mineral Waters is also set here.

Cascade stairs in the resort park of Zheleznovodsk appeared in the 30-s of last century during the reconstruction of the city. It was determined that the most part of extractive mineral water is thrown unused down the eastern slopes of Zheleznaya mountain, swamping them. As the result a proposal to collect this water into an original chute emerged. Hence a project of alley of cascades, connecting Upper and Lower parks, emerged. A cascade stairs descend the slope of Zheleznaya mountain from the ground with the fountain, which is situated at Smirnovsky spring.

Slavyanovsky spring (medicinal park) The medicinal spring, which acquired the name of its discoverer, is situated in the park in the center of a chestnut alley. Nicholas Nicholaevitch Slavyanov (1878-1958) organized a hydroexploring (with the help of a hand drilling rig) of eastern spurs of Zheleznaya mountain in 1912-1914. A powerful hot calcic spring, temperature of which made up 55 C?, out of 120 m depth. Such mineral water was got in Russia for the first time. In 1918 by initiative of members of Zheleznovodsk medicine society the spring acquired name Slavyanovsky. Water of this salubrious spring is used for drinking treatment of stomach, bowels, liver and biliary tracts diseases, metabolic disorder and also as a table drink.

Decorative lake is one of beloved places of rest of health-resort visitors and citizens of Zheleznovodsk. This artificial lake decorated the city in 1954 and appeared owing to citizens of Zheleznovodsk, who dug it by spades without assistance, gathering after their working day. Strictly speaking the lake is located not in the very resort park, but in some remoteness from it, nearer to the eastern outskirt of Zheleznovodsk. Near there are sanatoriums of 30-anniversary of Victory and Zheleznovodsk. Multitude of swimming people and those who acquire a tan gather on the shore of the lake in a warm season. Several cafes, a boating station, simplest childrens side-shows operate.

Pushkins gallery, which was erected in 1901, was bought at fair in Nizhni Novgorod and it is notable for the fact that together with Lermontovs tower in Pyatigorsk and Eifel tower in Paris represents first samples of erections which were assembled of ready constructions. Near Pushkins gallery there is another sight of the park the northern building of sanatorium of E. Telman a former palace of emir Bukharsky.

Palace of emir Bukharsky is one of sights of Zheleznovodsk. A blue tracery fence behind the building of the palace is seen already in several meters from the entry of the resort park. Near the Palace of emir there is a Musical arbor and sculpture Signs of the zodiac.

Terrainkur is laid at the bottom of Zheleznaya mountain. It rounds the mountain from backside, beginning from the resort park of Zheleznovodsk and ends at the upper territory of sanatorium Gorniy vozdukh (Mountain air). Total length of the way is about 2.5 km. The ring is enclosed, if going along Lermontov street from Gorniy vozdukh to the resort park. It is another kilometer. It is possible to reach Terrainkur, also going around Zheleznaya mountain from a well-room of Slavyanovsky spring along the picturesque path, beginning right from the porch of back entrance of the well-room. There is an opportunity to go up the Terrainkur also

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[2009-08-02 10:31:59]
I am an American currently on assignment in China. I would like to book a trip and stay at a Sanattorium in Zheleznovdsk. Is this possible and can you recommend such a sanatorium. I have read about Mashuk Akya-Term, but I cannot get any information as such. Thank you.

It`s interesting

More than 70 halls for shows are built in the Winter palace.


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