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The region was formed in 1944. It is situated in the north-west of the Russian Federation, borders upon Estonia, Latvia, Belorussia, and within Russian State adjoins with Leningrad, Novgorod, Tver and Smolensk regions. Pskov region occupies the territory equal 55.3 thousand sq km, it is larger in area extent, than, for example, Denmark, Switzerland, Estonia or the Netherlands. From the north to the south it spread for 380 km, from the west to the east for 260 km.
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Russian Baltic Coast
The Kaliningrad Seaside is a health-resort zone stretching for over 60 km between Baltiysk and Zelenograd, plus 50 km of fantastic beaches of the Courland spit natural national park. The nature richly endowed this nook where shoreless vasts of the Baltic Sea strikingly match the boundless coastal strip of goldish fine sand beaches. The mild climate without drastic temperature jumps is wholesome. The sea accumulates warmth in the summer and never freezes. In fall and winter Atlantic winds bring the warmth of the Gulf Stream here. The gently sloping sand sea bottom is good for swimming.
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Sighs of Valday
Valday is a small Switzerland located between St. Petersburg and Moscow on the bank of Valday Lake 140 km to the south-east from Velikiy Novgorod
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Sighs of Novgorod
Novgorod is used to rising from the ashes: it was nearly fully destroyed during the suppression of the Novgorod Veche, was damaged during the Swedish occupation and the 2nd World War. It used to have over 200 temples; now there are only 38. Nevertheless, however destroyed, burned down and sacked, Novgorod would revive every time and rise again showing some special will to live
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Arbat is the first reserved street among the reserved zones of the capital. Alexander and Natalie is the only Moscow fountain with drinking water.


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