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Water Rest on the Baikal

The navigation of houseboats over the Baikal begins in June, 12-15 and finishes in September. If you are going in such travel, you should know, that at this time you can hit upon the squally wind, a cold baikal water, in which you can't be for a long time. You see an unusual bank, having rocky parts along the whole distance of the bank. You should take warm outwear.

The best time for travels about the lake is from June, 15 to August, 15. At this time sailing on the mirror-like surface of the lake gives real pleasure, and absence of wind and rolling allows spending the whole day on the board. Water warms up to +20, +22 C.

The most water travels about Baikal begin from settlement Listvyanka.

Summer fishing on the Baikal

If you are not a fishing admire, this summer fishing subdues your heart. There are 58 fish species at the lake, but umber, linger, perch represent the main interest for fishers.

Diving gained a popularity on the Baikal in 90th years.

Diving on the Baikal is true special. It is a crystal pure water, wonderful underwater world and diving in any time.

It should admire the baikal flora and fauna. Here live 2630 species and plant sorts and animals kinds. More than 80 per sent of animal plankton consist the crayfishes in the lake. Such crayfishes serve a function as purifier of water.

More interesting in the Baikal a viviparous fish. It surprises the scientists by daily feed migrations from the deep to shallow water. There are also omuls, umbers, white fishes, bur bots, pikes. As concerns molluscs, there are two kinds of them - baikalia and benediktsia, forming the large accumulation on the walls of canyon.

Hundreds species of lobsters and sea worms dwell on the lake. Most of them have various sizes and colours. As concerns large lobsters, acantohamarus and caringohamarus are often met at the lake, mounting to 10 cm at length. If one have a luck, one can meet a giant planarium Baikaloplana, mounting to 40 cm at length.

At the diving places in June the water temperature of whole water surface and depth is about 3-4 degrees. In August the temperature of water surface is 10-15 degrees, in open part of the lake is usually 7-10 degrees, in summer it can be 12 degrees. From the depth and deeper the water temperature of the lake fall to 3-4 degrees. In August the water can get warmed thoroughly to 18-20 degrees by the shore of shallow. For most diving places is characterised a follow relief. From the shore is reached a gently shelf sloping with the depth no more than 5-10 metres.

Bottom shelf is sandy and fine shingly. For a distance of 20-30 km from the shore is begun a bank, sometimes stepped, sometimes steep, in some cases having a unfavourable angulation. 

Vertical walls, having been fallen into an abyss, which is often indented by canyons. Clear view of diving places in June reaches 30-40 metres. In August this view falls to 10-12 metres. Due to low temperature of water the divings are carried out in dry suit.

In summer you can dive from cutter, in winter from ice, with a help of special lanes. The popular places for diving on the Baikal are steep underwater walls, along west shore.

According divers stories the most beautiful, severe vertical walls, stretching far in the darkness of Baikal depth, are situated along the bank of the Roundbaikal railway and the eastern bank Olkhon. The most effective and narrow canyon of 90-100 m depth and over 2 m width is situated from the eastern side of the island Olkhon, southward of cape Izhimei. Swimming between the close walls of the rocks, here and there one can touch them. Singularity of the canyon lies in the fact that it is absolutely straight.

By vivid evidences of skin-divers, while diving they feel weightlessness like cosmonauts. There one can observe 30 species of fish. Bay Aia and inlet Flolika in the northern Baikal stand out for beauty of underwater relief. On the banks and the depth of the inlet there are many underwater stones, dangerous for vessels sailing. This is the result of a glacier, which had sunk from the Barguzinsky mountain ridge 10-12 thousand years ago.

The scents of volcanic activity are observed also underwater. Southward of Big Ushkanjev island on the depth cank lies as solid coverlet. For driving one can hire outfit. Traveling from Listvyanka to bay Peschanaya one can carried out for 1-2 days, to the small sea for 3-4 days, to Chivirkuisky bay and Ushanji islands for 5 days.

Admirers of active sport can combine horse trip with water tour, in other words the baikal horse water tour. Such kind of tour is meant for people, who want to make a rafting over the mountain river and horse trip along forest ways. Who wants to test oneself, there is a canoe trip.

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