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Hero city Volgograd

Hero city Volgograd is a centre of Volgograd region, which is part of the South Federal district of Russia. Volgograd region has a favorable srategical position, being at the same time the gate of the South Russia. It borders upon Astrakhan, Voronezh, Saratov region and also with the republics of Kazakhstan and Kalmykia.

According to the conditions of heat- and water-supply and peculiarities of soil structure the territory of Volgograd region is divided into 4 agriclimatic zones: steppe, arid steppe, desert and semidesert. In spite of this, 200 rivers of various size flows on the territory of the region. They belong to the basins of the Sea of Azov and the Caspian Sea, Sarpinsky closed basin. The great part of the territory of the region is drained by the Don with its tributaries: the Hoper, the Medveditsa, the Ilovlya, the Chir, the Don Tsarina, Mishkova, Aksai, Kurmoyarsky Aksai altogether 165 rivers. The Volga basin occupies narrow belt along the valley of the Volga and includes 30 channels. Located in the zone of dry steppes and semideserts, Volgograd region belongs to sparcely populated region.

Volgograd is situated on the right Volga bank and its undercurrent. The city is reached out 90 km along the river. Modern Volgograd is a large - scale industrial centre.

At this city are developed such extractive industries as fuel, metallurgical, chemical, oil, engineering industry, tree and food industry.

At present time more than 100 nationalities lives in Volgograd.

Being the south bulwark of navigation canals, railways, russian highway, the city has become a trans shipment point for transportation different cargoes from boarding countries.

Climate is torrid sharply continental. In June temperature is 36-42 degree above zero, and in winter 15-20 degree belove zero. As a rule, winter begins in November and continues for 130-150 days. Spring isn't usually long and begins in March or April. Summer is hot.

The city was visited in their time by such famous persons as Maxim Gorky, Pablo Narudny, Alexander Duma, John Steinbeck and others. They note their observations and impressions by sights of this place in their own literary investigations, which in their time gained the world popularity.

There are not old monuments in the city. After Staliningradskya battle there were not any intacted buildings among ruins, it was difficult to determine among them the street's names. All country tried to restore the city. There are a lot of historical monuments, connected with the World War II. Volgograd is considered as the main Russian High - Mamaev Kurgan,where the central part of exposition is Motherland. It is a panorama of defeat of the fascists armies under Stalingrad. But the main famous sight of the city, its symbol is the statue of Motherland, personifying the unity of russian force.

There are two museum planetariums with unique optical constructions, presented by Germany. Only three same constructions are in the world.

In Volgograd there are 26 colleges technical schools, specialized schools. Cultural potential of the city is made up by seven theaters, Philharmonic Society, the House of officers of Russian army, modern circus, tens libraries, Houses and Palaces of Culture.

It is difficult to lost one's ways in Volgograd, because the city is narrow and gaunt. Following to the main street you may find any museum and monument.

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The history of Volgograd
Probably there isnt a significant event in the history of Russia, with which Volgograd isnt concerned. One could say that the history of the Great Power wasnt recorded without participation of the city, of course, not on its own, but with direct participation of the inhabitants.
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Historical monuments of Volgograd
The entrance in the temple of Glory to heroes is marked by alto-relievo, representing parade of soldiers. It is located in Lenin avenue, at the foot of the Mamaev Kurgan. The soldiers walk with wreathes and flags in memory of died friends. Then, following the Kurgan, the visitors can see the alley of Lombardy poplars, symbolizing the world of deep and noble thoughts. Nearer to the top of the hill the composition Fight to the bitter end, above which the sculpture Motherland towers, appears in outline.
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Hoew possible is it to visit Volgograd and then travel internally to Baku. I want to visit in August. Would this allow time to get all the necessary permissions. My visit would be to see the site of the battle of Stalingrad and to visit the city where Stalin spent much of his formative life.

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Towns of Zolotoe Kolco are a vivid encyclopedia of Old-Russian architecture.


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