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Ulyanovsk town

Ulyanovsk is an administrative center Ulyanovsk region, situated on the Nera Volga height, on the banks the Volga and Sviyaga.

The town was created in 1648 year by oder of tsar Romanov as a stronghold Sinbirsk. Since 1780 year this town was famed as Simbirsk, and in 1924 in memory of V. I. Ulyanov (Lenin) got shuch name Ulyanovsk.
A lot of outstanding people lived and worked there, such as I.A. Goncharov, D.P. Oznobshin, S.G. Skitalez, N.M. Karamsin, D.D. Minaev, and other scientists, artists and architects.

The first theatre was opened in 1789 year, it was the firt theatre in Russia. At the same time was opened one of the first library in Russia   Karamsin's Public Library.
Today there are many big cultural centers in Ulyanovsk, some of them are important buildings and historical places.

By right Ulyanovsk is considered the town of museum. It is really a lot of museums here, and they is organically combined with architecture of the town. The history of many town museums became a thing of the past, when town scientists and collectors had presented to relative town the great cultural and scientific heritage.

Ulyanovsk is a big industrial and cultural centre of Middle Volga region.

The population of the town is more than 600 thousands people. It is a multi national town. It is officially divided into four districts: Zheleznodorozhniy, Zavolzhsky, Leninsky, Zasviyazhsky. Leninsky district is the oldest district in the town placed on  northern part of country between two rivers the Volga and Sviyaga. This district is traditionally divided into the Center and the North. In south part  there is the Zheleznodorozhniy district, its outskirts traditionally are called Kindyakovskoy. On the left bank of Sviyaga there is an motor car factory.
On the left bank of Volga there is the Zavolzhsky district, which consists of three separate parts: Low Terrace, Upper Terrace and New Town ( district of air craft factory). Zavolzhskiy and Linin districts are joined the rail and car bridge across the Volga.

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Museums of Ulyanovsk
By right Ulyanovsk is considered as the town museum. Ulyanovsk museums are organic combined with culture and architecture of the town. The history of a lot of them  became a thing of the past, when town scientists and collectors had presented to relative town the great cultural and scientific heritage.
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Stages and screens in Ulyanovsk
Ulyanovsk local drama theatre is one of the oldest theatres in Russia. First actors were the serfs belonged to famous and rich families the Tatishev and Ermolovi.
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[2010-10-28 17:18:28]
I spent five years in Ulyanovsk and it was a good time for me

It`s interesting

Now in S.-Petersburg there are 221 museums, 2 000 libraries, more than 80 theaters, 100 concert organizations, 45 galleries, show-rooms, 62 cinemas, 80 club establishments of culture. About 100 festivals and competitions of different trends of culture and art including 50 international ones are held every year.


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