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Tuapse is an industrial-port town of territorial subordination. Administrative center of Tuapse region is situated on the coast of the Black sea and in the mouth of two rivers the Tuapse and Pauk. Population of this town is 66 thousands people. Economics depends upon maritime cargo port, oil-processing industry, building trade, shipyard, reclamation industry and food industry.

At first the town was created as fort Veljyaminovsky ib 1838 year by admiral Michael Lazarev. As many Russian strongholds on the Black sea, this fort was destroyed  during the war times. In 1864 year it was rebuilt and in 1870 year was transformed in civil settling named Tuapse. This name is translated as Two waters.

Since 1912 were published the town own newspapers. In 1913 year the commercial port began to work. Tuapse got a status of the town in 1916 year. In 1921 yea was opened the first  public library and in 1922 year was opened the music school for children.

All industry was destroyed in the time of the World War II. The town was suffered by German bombers, sometimes they attacked town 11 times for a day. There are more than 200 health resorts in Tuapse.

Landscape. The Black sea chain of mountains are not high of 1000 metres above the sea level and contains of several parallel ranges. The main crest of the Caucasus mountain range is located on 20-25 km from the sea coast. Many wild animals live in the forests of this region such as elks, roes, wild bores, bears, foxes, squirrels, black grouses and partridges.

As concerns climate here it transforms from Mediterranean climate to damp subtropical climate. The main Caucasus range protects sea coast from cold winds and at the same time warm sea heats it. Climate in Tuapse is softer than in Geledzhik and dryer than in Sochi.

Rest in Tuapse region

Along 100 metres of sea strand from Djubga and Shepsi there is green and well-planned town with administrative center Tuapse. Tuapse is situated in the region of damp subtropics. Average price on accommodation is about 2000-3000 rubles in comfortable hotel of high class. Theses hotels, as a rule have their own cafes and car parking, entertaining places, business center, conference hall, sauna.

Almost all hotel are new buildings in Tuapse, you can choose as large hotel complex as a private house. Here there are a wonderful health resorts with high level of service. Many health resorts have a medical-diagnostic base and a modern medical equipment. Gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular system, nervous system, alimentary organs and others important systems are successfully treated in these health resorts. Every health resort have their own salt cells, water and mud baths, the cost on these procedure is included in the residence conditions, approximately 3,000-4,000 rubles per day for a man.

In Tuapse there is a fine smooth shingly beach, the sea is warm during summer. You can use the water entertaining attractions and after have a snack in cafes or restaurants. In the town park are arranged different concerts, competitions, beauty contest and festivals.

For lovers of active rest in Tuapse the motor ship walking are arranged to the Kiselev rock and also in Sochi and Gelendzhik. Interesting dolmens in the mountain region are waited for lovers of culture.

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Resorts of Tuapse
Dzhubga bay limits itself to cape Shapsukho from the east and to mountain Ezhik (Hedgehog) from the west. The mountain is really resembles hedgehog which came to the sea to drink water. Auto station Dzhubga. Situated in the center of the settlement, is a large transit transport junction in the settlement. In the station there is a hotel, a restaurant and a market. A dinosaur stands at the way out of settlement Dzhubga in the direction of Tuapse, to the left from the road. It is a work of a national sculpture which opened a small popular museum in his house.
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Tuapse sights
To begin examine the town is better from Primorsky boulevard. A wonderful view is opened from this boulevard the area of water of Tuapse port. In Boulevard among deep subtropical greenery is situated the town park with attractions and several monuments.
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