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Temples Toliatty

Spasso Preobrazhensky cathedral

Spasso Preobrazhensky cathedral was erected for very short period of time in Avtozavodsk region in Toliatti, and represented itself a temple complex, consisting of christened temple and administrative complex, a ring and Preobrazhensky cathedral.
The building began in June of 1992 year with temple erection in honour of Christened Ioann and the clergy of parish house.  In the clergy of parish house there are a church school, a library with reading hall, a dinning room and choir room. 20 November of 1994 year a bishop Sergiy from Samara sacred altar of Ioanno Predtechensky monastery. The erection of Spasso Preobrazhensky cathedral finished in 2002 year.
26 May the bishop Sergiy  placed the first stone in the construction of this cathedral. This stone is a part of Favor hill.

The temple of Annunciation of Blessed Virgin

It is one of the oldest temples in Toliatti. This temple was built by rich landowner N.F. Bakhmetev in honour of his beautiful wife, who died in childbed. The stone church was erected in 1846 year, its altar was sacred in honour of St. Varavara.
In the middle of 30th years last century, this church was closed. In oder to separate people from religion, there was opened a club, and later a shop. Only in 1989 year this temple was opened again thanks to initiative of the religious at the head of V.A. Bogdanov. At the same time it took such name as Blagoveshensky cathedral in honour of Annunciation of Blessed Virgin .

The chapel in honour of Christmas

An architectural peculiarities of the chapel is the pure lines of white stone walls, glared golden dome, colour stained glass windows, original glaze tiles, made in bright colours. Certainly the advantage of this chapel is its placement. One can see this chapel in any point of the central square.

Svyato Voskresensky monastery

By oder of Moscow Patriarchy and All Russia Alexei II and Apostolical Synod, for the first time the temple was reformed in monastery. It is placed in the building of late local hospital, built in 1856 year was left whole after flood of old town. This monastery is placed  on the picturesque bank of Volga. It is a cultural monument of Toliati and leads an active social work.

A holly spring of the God's Mother icon Savior of calamity

The holly spring of the God's Mother icon Savior of calamity is situated in the village Tashla of Samara region.
21 October 1917 year, this icon came to native woman of this village in her dream three times and asked to dig out the icon in determine place. At three times this woman saw the vision how two angels was bringing the icon of God's Mother lighted up a bright shine.
Right at the same place was find this icon, laying up its face.
At present day the Blessed Virgin don't left this place. Many people see above the spring the silhouette of Blessed Virgin with a baby. Above the chapel and spring rises a rainbow.
A lot of religious people come to this holy spring, they take water for relatives. Some of them know about this spring from other men, another see is in their dreams-not thinking about its existence, but when they come to this place, they understand that this place is known for them. People who confesses another kind of religion come here too.
In the well with a special water reflect the dome, decorated with eight stars.

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Theatres in Toliatty
The theatre of Drama The Wheel
The Wheel theatre was organized in 1988 year as the theatre of new model. The appearance of this theatre was special beginning from the name to its organizations. It was the first contract cinema in the Soviet union. A head of it was a native artist G. Drozdov.

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The historic-cultural museums in Toliatty
A municipal building of culture the historic-cultural museum of Toliatty heritage was created in 2000 year. The creation of Toliatty museum of local lore contributed to the appearance of this building.
The museum of historic cultural heritage is considered as complex museum under open air. The main goal of this museum is the protection of the historical and cultural monuments in the town.
It is a new course in the protection and use of the municipal monuments of history and culture of the town.
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