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The Round Baikal Railway

The round Baikal railway (the RBR)  is a historic railway in Irkutsk region, it is an unique monument of engineer art, one of the more picturesque sights of Near baikal. The line length of railway is 89 km comes along north coast of south finish point of Lake Baikal from the town Sludyanka to the village Baikal of over south part of Okhlinsky plateau. Till middle XX century the RBR was considered to be a part of Transsib.

According to plenty of engineering construction, the RBR has no equal railway in Russia and takes one of the first places in the world. Tunnels and stone galleries of the Round Baikal Railway is unique, as they were built according to non standard planning and were not rebuilt, keeping their first plan of architect and engineers of the beginning of XX century.

In May of 1891 year was issued an edict by tsar Alexander III about of Trans Siberia Highway building. The building of a part of the RBR was in 1902 year, and in October of 1905 year was opened a constant movement.

The railroad was leading now on cut off slopes, now on numerous tunnels and bridges, now retaining wall above Lake Baikal. This road was built, in general, by deportee convicts in Siberia. The most beautiful part of this road was built by Poles, Italians, Albanians. The total number of builders is about 15 thousands people. The accidents were very often.

The RBR is more than 10 years, but it is so interesting to driven on old train, feel and see the old epoch, when the railways were being built, listen a lot of interesting stories, concerns it.

The special train will drive you by the old railway with stops in the picturesque and interesting places. The road can be called the longest museum of engineering craft of the beginning of the 20s century.

The modern route of the Krugobaikalskaya railway at the end of the 50s after building Irkutsk HPS emerged. At present on the road there are 3 stations: Kultuk, Maritui, Baikal, - and 2 passing-tracks: The 137th kilometer, Ulanova, single-track way.

The Round Baikal Railway is the unique monument the historic architectural and nature landscape reserved territory, including in zone of Nature National Park of Near Baikal.

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