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Moscow Kremlin is a unique city-stronghold in the centre of capital. The Kremlin and Red Square are the most famous moscow sights. The height of walls, narrow loopholes, battle areas, all of that tells us, that it is a stronghold first of all.

But when one enters to the Kremlin, our impression rapidly change. On its territory spread out
spacious areas and convenient squares, main halls and gold-headed temples. Today here the whole air soaked with history- old cannons and rings, the ancient cathedrals having kept a lot of facts and names. All of houses here are placed together-tower chambers and places, Russian President's Residence and universally famous museums. Kremlin as usual realizes a role of state residence and is considered one of the largest architectural and artistic reserved museums.

The church Rizpolozheniya- is an own temple of russian metropolitan, and later patriarchy, was erected by artel of Pskov masters. Its architecture is various thanks to traditions of early Moscow and Pskov architecture.

Icons and wall painting of small convenient temple make up a common artistic ensemble. On the gallery is placed a constant exhibition of russian wooden sculpture. The monuments of this old art are kept not much, and they present a great interest and significance.

Diminutiveness and elegancy look of temple are underlined by contrast with monumental forms, near stood Uspensky Cathedral. Five-domed Uspensky Cathedral during centennials has been the main temple of Moscow and Russian Government. It was built in Kremlin, in time Ivan Kalita.
There carried out the coronations of emperors, metropolitans and patriarchy. You may see a great ensemble of monumental panting is one o the main significance and biggest icon in Russia.
Arkhangelsky Cathedral served as beloved place of great moscowian kings. Here Ivan Kalita, Dmitriy Donskoy, Ivan III, Ivan th Terrible and other famous kings. There are 47 headstones and two shrines. T he building of the Cathedral began in 1505 under the direction of  Alevis Fryazin (italian architect). After three years it was consecrated in the name of  master Michael of Heaven Forces in oder to save and to be keeper people bodies and souls.
Column and walls decorate the unique Portrait Gallery of moscow regents and their famed ancestors.
Blagoveschensky Cathedral- is own, home temple of great moscow kings. The main significance presents the monumental painting ensemble of Ivan the Terrible's cathedral. Many research worker  
suppose, that the Dejesus icons belong to famed Greek Pheophan, another part of icons belong to famous artist of Middle Ages Andrey Rublev. Archaeology of moscow Kremlin is placed near Blagoveschensky Cathedral.

Patriarchy chambers-it is rare monument of civil architecture in time patriarchy Nikon. Today in the Church of seventeen apostle is situated a museum, in which are presented  significance historical monuments  and culture of XVII cent.- own things, precious dishes, clocks and watches, manuscript and old-printed books, icons of famed kings icon-painters.
Architectural ensemble of Ivan the Terrible ring, in th course of  many ages is architectural dominate centre of capital.

Armoury Museum-is universally famous museum-treasury. In the museum are presented ancient state regalia, king's full dresses and coronated dress,  hierarch's full dresses, gold and silver things of russian, european jeweller, monuments of armoury work.
Created Moscow Tsar Basil III as a workshop for making and keeping fighting guns and martial armors, Armoury Museum became the main depository for different significant things.
The modern house of Armoury Museum near Vorozkie gates was built in 1857, at the same time was building The Big Kremlin Palace.
Most of all attract attention decorated with precious stones -wreathes, crowns,sceptres, orbs, old king's thrones of Ivan the Terrible, Boris Godunov, Alexsey Romanov. As concerns modern girls,thy are interested in coronated dresses of russian queens. The treasures of Armoury Museum have universally meaning.
Two halls low stage of Armoury Museum occupied the exhibition of Diamond Fund.
The Big Kremlin Palace impresses its greatness an richness. When Vasiliy Bazhenov according to decision of Catherine the Great constructed the model of building, for its delivery was taken 120 
sledges. Having seen the beautiful palace, the Empress clapped your hands with surprised. At the present days this palace impresses us to with its glamour and beauty.
The attention of all visitors attract the outstanding work of Russian casting Art- Tsar-Gun and Tsar-Ring
Famous Tsar-gun-is one of the rare monuments of russian casting art was mounted on Ivanovskaya 
square of Kremlin, near architectural monuments -the Church of twelve Apostles. It was founded by russian artist Andrey Tchokhov in 1586, and weighs about 40 tonnes. It is the biggest gun in the world.
Tsar-ring- was founded by Ivan and Michael Motorini for Uspenskaya Zvonitsa in 1734-35, after the death Peter the Great. This part of construction makes up 201 tonnes by weight and 6 metres by height.    


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