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Temruk (the Tamansky peninsula)

Geographical peculiarities of the Tamansky peninsula

Before we begin our familiarity with town Temruk lets look at the Tamansky peninsula. The Tamansky peninsula is situated on the south-west of Russia, where together with Crimea it divides basins of the Black and Azov seas. Shores of the seas differ in abruptness; their precipices reach 100 m of height. In the degradations of the coastal zone there are estuaries and small lakes. The relief of the peninsula is flat, hilly. Hills form parallel ridges, separated by degradations. Besides that there are 25 mud volcanoes, forming hills of 164 m of height.

Climate of Taman is characterized by steppe, soft due to nearness of sea reservoirs. Although rainfall is slender (on average 399 mm/year), droughts are not fierce and in summer temperatures reach on average 30 C. Such character is conditioned by influence of air mass, bringing besides that maximal rainfall in autumn (up to 600 mm) and resisting temperatures in winter about + 5 C. So average annual temperatures in Taman varies within 10-14 C. Another peculiarity of the peninsula is blowing dusts, caused by north-east and east cold winds blowing in winter and summer. With the last one not high blanket of snow, blew out from plains, is also connected. When it is frost of short duration soil freezes through the depth of 5 cm.

Flora is typical steppe wormwood motley grass; there is no forest land. Fauna is not variable. There are mostly rodent (mouse, gophers), reptiles (Orsinis viper), insects (Scolopendra); steppe birds are spread. The real riches of the Tamansky peninsula lie in its climate and geographical position; people, wishing to rest on the beaches of two seas the Azov and the Black come here every summer. Practically in all coastal settlements service is arranged; one may choose among the private sector and recreation centers, campsites, different in the level of service.


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The history of town Temruk origin
Nobody from specialists-historians can give an exact definition of the time when a settlement on the place of present town Temruk was formed. Though there are all grounds for suggestion that people lived on the place of the present town already in the time of antiquity (V-III centuries BC). It is known that the first mentions about a predecessor of Temruk appeared in XIII century after the Mongol-Tatar invasion.

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Active rest in Temruk

Travel by speed-boat in Azov estuaries on the island in the fluxes is carried out for fishing-lovers. Youll be able to see wonderful flora and fauna, peculiarities of fishing in the fluxes. There is a request for participants to take ointment against mosquitoes and sun glasses. Do you like diving and something new? Youll like the reefs of the Tamansky peninsula very much. In the Kerchensky channel at the banks of Taman there are the largest reefs on the whole Caucasian coast (the length of which makes up to 4 km) with wonderful landscapes, walls of 8 m, niches, grottos and etc.

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Sights of Temruk
Tamansk archeological museum was opened in 1989. Its expositions include unique archeological finds, which are 2000 years old. Here you will know the history of ancient Greek settlement Germonass, will visit Slavic princedom Tmutarakan.
One of advantages of the museum is its architecture. According to antique traditions in the museum there is an atrium, connecting two exhibition halls, additionally illuminating them and crating an image of a single whole. In the impluvium (pool), depending on time, now white marble columns, now fragments of the ancient painted stucco are reflected.
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In Altai there are more than 820 glaciers covering over 600 sq km.


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