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Are you going to take a holiday in Sochi? Its wonderful! Sochi is a very beautiful city! We may argue about if it is better than Turkish Antalia, French Nice or Bulgarian Golden Sands it is a matter of taste, as the saying goes. But everybody agrees with the fact that Sochi is beautiful.
There are a few nooks in the world where at first one can swim in the warm sea firstly, revel in subtropics and in an hour ski and snowball on the high slopes of the famous Krasnaya Polyana.

Have you ever seen blooming magnolia, yucca or oleander? The unique nature of Sochi will impress everybody. Imagine yourself a turquoise sea, in which you may swim from April till November. Beauties-palms, beauties-cypresses, all can be found in such abundance only here, in subtropical zone of Russia.

Fabulous Kolkhidskie forests with impassable karst canyon and gorges, rapid rivers, forming 30-m waterfalls with pearly water, numerous unexplored caves with underground rivers and lakes, relic mixed yew and box-trees woods groves.

How it is wonderful to spend time in picnic in the gorge at the mountain river, to enjoy aroma of the forest, quiet and the purest mountain air! The possibility to ascend from the sea coast to the mountain tops, in the zone of Alpine meadows, for an hour takes the breath away.

It is possible to see and touch monuments of the oldest cultures: from dolmens, contemporaries of Egyptian pyramids, sites of primitives to ancient Byzantine fortresses.

Snowy tops of Caucasus are seen from all Sochi streets. Just they protect the city from cold winds. When behind the passes it is winter, here it is raining and roses blossom. In Sochi even winter is sometimes sunny, not to mention summer.

Fauna of Sochi is not less unique. Deer, Caucasian goats, jackals, eagles, jays, scorpions In the reserved areas, frontier with Sochi, bisons are found. Caucasian brown bear is a frequent guest in the remote apiaries, and Caucasian bee is a special pride of Sochi citizens. Local bee-keeping farms are engaged in its breeding. Having the longest proboscis it isnt lazy to collect nectar even at the rainy weather.

Sochi disposes of rich locations of peloid. Besides that abundance of sources of various types of mineral water. But nevertheless Sochi attracts by its beaches. Beaches of Big Sochi are very various by texture. Here practically in every resort place there are sandy, pebbly beaches of huge volcanoes. Few side-shows from driving by scooter to flying by hang-glider, towed by cutter.

You can sail by cruiser yacht along the coast and get wonderful tan pirouetting on sparkling snow-covered slopes of Krasnaya Polyana in one and the same bathing suit!

The fact that during peak of season June-July August prices in recreation centers are real (double rooms, three rooms with conveniences in the separate block) is of much importance. And private board houses will offer a comfortable double room with a lavatory, TV set, air-conditioner and certainly breakfast. All these will cost from 400 rubles for 1 place to 1300 $ in Vip-suite in the villa.

It is not all. Try to guess yourself what jeeping and driving by quad are. Did you guess? Perfect. Infrastructure of tourist agency is very developed in Sochi now.

Sochi is on the first place in tourist service
In Sochi there are hundreds of tourist firms specializing in receiving of tourists. They will found a sanatorium, satisfying you both with cost and profile, reserve a room in the hotel, selected a private flat, meet you in the airport or in the railway station, transport you to the address.
Many tourist agencies worked out family excursion and tourist routes by small groups of 7-8 men: from one-day excursion-walks about local sights to the most interesting Alpine trips of many days.

In company with an experienced instructor you will visit such places where no tour guide will bring you. All routes are planned in such a way that for one excursion or walk you will visit maximal number of unique nooks of the nature. And you have also an opportunity to have a rest for a day or more close to nature, swim in mountain rivers, lakes, waterfalls, treat shashlik, communicate with friends at the fire.

You can visit concert halls, theaters, museums, walk about famous parks of Sochi, have a good time with children in the water park, spend time in casino. You can treat dishes of different cuisines in numerous cafes and restaurants of Sochi, halls many of which are situated in the open air in parks or quay in summer.

We will reveal you a secret. Intermediary services of such agencies workers are free, all sanatoriums grant them allowances for help in selection of tourists.

Some tourist agencies offer preview of places availability with the help of on-line reservation of tours. In cases of reservation in on-line agencies get additional allowances.

Transfers from airport and railway station to sanatoriums, broad houses, hotels and also transport service in the city are offered. Tours in Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana are reserved all year long.

In conclusion we may say that for the last few years recreation infrastructure has developed in resort settlements of the area especially rapidly. By number of disco clubs, night clubs, bowling-centers and other objects of recreation infrastructure of Sochi can handicap any resort of the world.

As for safety, criminal situation in Kuban is much safer than in other regions. Additional law-enforcement forces are attracted in resort season.

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Sochi: yesterday, today, tomorrow
There is a wonderful Greek legend about Afrodita, coming out of the froth. It was storm, waves hit against the shore and at this moment a beauty-goddess came out of the huge forth clot.
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Walks about Sochi: Arboretum and Riviera
Every tourist, traveling in any area of Big Sochi should obligatorily make a trip into the center of the city. The most famous Park Arboretum is the best place for family rest and absorbing walks. Area of the Arboretum is quite large about 50 ha. Over 200 kinds of plants from all over the world adopted in this heavenly nook. Powerful Himalayan cedar, Atlas and Cork oaks, Japanese euonymus and Mexican quince, Californian coquito palm, Australian eucalyptus and Brazilian araucaria, - all feel here wonderful like at home. Only here one can see various forms of cactuses, stroll in the real Indo-Chinese bamboo thickets.
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Leisure in Sochi
Sea romance cant help but touch. We become infected with it from childhood and tremulous attitude to water element doesnt leave us during the whole life.
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Krasnaya polyana
Krasnaya polyana is a small settlement, the population of which makes up 5 thousand people. The nature tried hard to create unique conditions. In the middle stream of the Mzimti river, in 45 km from the Black Sea coast on height of 550-600 m above sea level there is a wide valley. From one side sharp peaks of the Aibgi tower over them, from the other one the rocky ridge of Achishho. A little farther by the stream of the Mzimti snowy tops of the Big Caucasian ridge are seen. Wonderful forests come up to this terrace; among the trees oak, beech, chestnut, hornbeam, maple, alder are prevailed.
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Lazarevskoe resort
The history of resort settlement Lazarevskoe origination is symbolic. Like in other places of the coast, it is connected with landing of Russian troops landed in the mouth of the Psezuapse river. After the Russian-Turkish war of 1828-1829 this nook of the Black sea coast passed to Russia. Russians began to build military fortifications. Adygeis, who dwelled on the coast, resisted, the situation turned into bloodshed.
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Loo resort
Name Loo is connected with mountain-dwellers abasins, who, as Turkish traveler of XVII century A. Chelebi mentions, lived on the coast in XVI-XVII centuries among Adygeis , keeping the language and distinctive features. Word Loo originates from the name of abasin kin Lau, or Lou, which emerged here in XIII-XIV centuries. A river, flowing down from mountains into the sea has the same name. Nation Ubikhy, who had formed 2 communes, Vordanae and Ordanae, had been settling the banks of the river till 1864. In the place of the present resort there was an aul of Ismail Barakai Dzepsha, who commanded while wars of ubikhy against Russians.

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Caves, waterfalls and mountains of Sochi
In the valley of the Matsesta river in the very head there is a whole cascade of wonderful waterfalls. There are 20 waterfalls, large and small, which were called Matsestinskie waterfalls, here. In the same area, on the right confluent of the Matsesta river, - Dikarje (Zmeika) there is another cascade so called Zmeilovsky waterfalls. Here there are many dishes and bathes so in hot afternoon there are places where you can freshen up and make up a picnic.
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Mixed yew and box-trees grove
Only in 2.5 km from the shore of the sea there is an unique object of the nature Khostinskay mixed yew and box-trees grove. It is situated on the south-east slope of mountain Bolshoi Akhun. Khostinskaya grove was proclaimed reserved in 1930 and now it is an isolated part of the Caucasian State biosphere reserve.
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Lakes of Sochi
Lets talk a little about lakes of Sochi. We will begin our story with the sacred lake of Adygeis the Khuko. Behind the cordon there is Babuk an aul where the Monashka river flows we turn to the second cordon a crotch of tropes. The right one leads right to Cherkessky pass (height is 1836 m) and to the western bastions of mountain Fitsh (2,868 m). We ascend to Khuko lake by the left crotch.
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Cultural Event
The Literary memorial museum is the memorial house of N. Ostrovsky and his own literary part. Memorial complex has an absolute building originality and room settings. Furniture, books, cloth, radio sets and lightening technique transfer full and emotional atmosphere of 30th years and people interests of pre war epoch.
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Medical treatment in Sochi
This balneotherapeutic foothills resort occupies Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region with the extension of 145 km, it includes four administrative regions: the Central, Adler region, Lazarevsky and Khost regions with many towns and villages resorts such as Adler, Sochi, Dagomis, Krasnaya Polyana (Red Glade), Khosta, Mazesta, Ashe, Lazarevskoe, Vardane, Golovinka, Magri, Loo, Makopse, Tchemtepse, Tchemitokvadge.
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whats the temperature in C celese degree in november in sochi city

It`s interesting

The hot spring is the only place in Russia, combining medicinal properties of mineral waters of Essuntuky type and hydrosulfide baths of Sochi-Modest type.


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