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Sights of Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg is a city on the border of parts of worlds. Just a unique image of the city, where Europe and Asia meet, attracts here many tourists. Contrast - it is perhaps the main zest of Ekaterinburg. Here historical monuments, museums, galleries and theaters adjoins with modern restaurants, stylish cafes, modern night clubs without any confusion.E

katerinburg wont allow those, whose staying in the new city is inseparably linked with visiting local entertaining and drinking establishments of high society and night clubs, to relax neither in the evening nor at night. However, to tell the truth, day excursions about another, not less interesting places, and for the real tourists more interesting ones, can resound by the and with a pleasant feeling of tiredeness and arose a wish to sit somewhere in a quiet comfortable place over a cup of tea, to breath in the Ural air and share his impressions about the past day It seems it is better to muster ones strength in order to be ready for a new excursion for something interesting and impressive, and after breakfast to go for a familiarity with, for example, temples of Ekaterinburg.

Orthodox temples of Ekaterinburg

An amazing find in the very center of the city was almost a sensation in its time. Archeologists found a foundation of Great Chrysostom, which was built in 18 century. Bolsheviks blew up this temple in 1930. Nobody expected that it would survive. For believers the find is lice a miracle. People pray in the place of the archeological digs. Folk legends say that in the altar of the Great Chrysostom celibate deacons relics lie. He had served in the Great Chrysostom for all his life.

The history of Ekaterinburg has also quite dramatic events Just this city became a home for Russian emperor Nicholas II for his last 78 days. In summer of 1918 he and his family were shot in the basement of Ipatjevsky house. A unique temple-monument on the Blood for the sake of All Saints was erected in this place in 2003. Near the temple there is a chapel of Saint Great Martyr Elizabeth. Monastery for the sake of Saint Majestic Martyrs was laid in 2000 in the initial burial place of the imperial family.

The temple on Voznesenskaya gorka, Mikhailovskiy temple and Alexandro-Nevsky temple

Those, who like art the city on the boundary of parts of world also wont be left without impression. In the city there are numerous galleries, exhibition complexes and museums.

Galleries, exhibitions, museums.

Exhibition hall Russian semi-precious stones

It was founded on April, 4, 2002. Pictures and applied art mostly Ural masters, and also Moscow and S.-Petersburg masters are exhibited here. 4 2002 .

Galery UralPoster

It was opened in 1997. Works of Ekaterinburg artists, who represent basic trends and is wide-spread in the Ural, are displayed. In the gallery there are many works of young artists and also pictures of the artists whose names are famous not only in the whole world. Pictures of poetic realism period of the end of XIX beginning XX centuries, works of the soviet period, works of Sixtiers can be found. Many works are offered for sale. Works of art photography are also represented.

The governors residence

It was built in 1997 with an exhibition hall but already in the next year another two were added. Different exhibitions are held in these three halls. Here you can found works of young artists and famous ones. Before the exhibition hall each picture is examined by the art council of arts critics, representatives of museums and the House of artists, therefore all exhibited works are interesting and original in their own way no matter to whom they belong. In the gallery of the residence you can see mostly paintings and drawings and also applied and jewellers arts.

The exhibition hall of the Museum of Fine Arts

Ekaterinburg museum of Fine Arts is one of the largest museums of the Ural. It occupies two beautiful buildings in the most picturesque nook of the city Historical park. The museum is occupied in educating, collective and scientific activities. About 50 exchangeable exhibitions, in which works of museum funds, works of young artist of Ekaterinburg and recognized Ural masters are held every year. Exhibitions with participation of artists from Germany, Greece, England, France are held. During the last century the museum actively collaborates with the British council, The Instituted named after Gete.

House of artist

It was opened on April, 23, 1932. Traditional exhibitions confined to holidays, monthly exhibitions and also individual exhibitions of famous artists and beginners are organized here. Jewellers art, paintings, drawings and sculpture art is represented.

Gallery Window

The gallery of the modern art. For five years of its operating it elaborated its own expositional policy and occupied a certain cultural part in the artistic life of Ekaterinburg. The expositional policy of the gallery Window is being developed in the framework of the following exhibition projects: Harmonious unity of the Ural art classical genres of fine arts are studied; Time maschine influence of different cultural epochs (the Middle Ages, Archaic Age, the Age of Modern, etc.) on modern art; Bouquet to Ekaterinburg a phenomenon of artifact in all its expressions is studied;

Pleiad provides for holding personal exhibitions of the most interesting artists; Gallery Okonce - a mutual project with the minister of culture of the Sverdlovsk region provides for holding regional exhibitions of child artistic creativity.

Gallery Okno also holds Art-parlours, devoted to creative work of Ekaterinburg poets, writers, bards, modelers, florists, masters of style, masters of arts and crafts. Gallery Inspiration is a universal gallery of inspiration. Here holidays of inspiration, particularly, what it presented, are held here. Music, poetry, paintings, drawing, applied art in light harmony with wonderful comfortable acoustics create easy atmosphere of sometimes artistic exhibition, sometimes auditorium, sometimes poetic café.

It is also worth to visit

Center of modern culture of the Ural State University; Gallery Egida; White gallery; Saloon-gallery Kapital; Sverdlovsk regional museum of local lore; Museum of architecture and industrial engineering history of the Ural; Literature life of the Ural of XIX century. True theatre-lovers or just lovers of theater art, will find in Ekaterinburg its zest.

Theaters of Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg academic theater of opera and ballet

One of the oldest in Russia. It opened its first season in 1912. The theater relatively soon found confidence and famous name owing to rich traditions of private non-repertory company, tours and city circles, which are famous since the middle of XIX century. The theater of ballet and opera was often called as laboratory of the soviet opera. For all times outstanding masters has been worked here.

Sverdlovsk theater of drama

Was opened on October, 2, 1930. In 1977 the theater acquired honorary title Academical. Parade of premiers and demonstrations of plays-long-livers, solo performances of actors, producers, artists and other creative figures take place on the large and small stages. Many of them are laureates of various competitions, acquired honorary titles, were awarded with rewards and premiums.

. Sverdlovsk state academic Philarmoni Society Ural academic philharmonic orchestra is a pride in musical life of Ekaterinburg, the primarily collective of Sverdlovsk Philarmonic Society which was declared the best in Russia. Prestige musical festivals with participation of the best Russian performers are held on its base every year. Creative links of the Philarmonic Society cover the whole world without exaggeration.

Sverdlovsk Academic theater of musical comedy

It was founded in 1933. It embellishes theatrical life of Ekaterinburg, having turned into the unique property of the culture of the Sverdlovsk region and the Ural, it was included into the golden fund of Russia. Harmonious actor ensemble, the professional ballet troupe, large chorus collective, grand orchestra and the ensemble of popular instruments give pleasure even a sophisticated spectator and sometimes entrances him.

It is also worth to see

Theater for Youth; Ekaterinburg puppet theater; Educational theater of Ekaterinburg State Theater; House of actor; Maliy drama theater Theatron; Theater center Volkhonka; Chamber theater of Ural writers museum; Children Theater of ballet Schelkuntchik; Theater Provincial dances; Christmas carol-theater; Student theater Old House.

After visiting all you are interested in you can walk about the streets of Ekaterinburg, perceive a wonderful atmosphere of the city, peer at citizens of this Ural city, and walking you can find mass of something interesting for you deserving attention. For example, walking about the quay of the Iset river you can run against a keyboard of huge size. The composition, consisting of 86 keys with letters and figures, each of 100 1,500 kg weight, fully corresponds to the international symbol of communication a computer keyboard. According to its founders plan, Ural artist Anatoliy Vyatkin, this monument symbolizes unity of the European and Asian communications. By the authors proposal, the monument became a beloved place of rest for citizens of Ekaterinburg, which dont sit on the lawns anymore and they sit on the keys.

There is much to say about Ekaterinburg but seeing once is better than hearing twice.

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