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Sergiev - Posad

This town Sergiev - Posad is placed at a distance of 70 km to north east from Moscow.
First of all, Sergiev Posad is considered a cloister town, as it is situated on Svyato Troize Sergiev laurel. Let's mention, that laurel is a residence of patriarchy. That's why tourists, coming to this place should keep determine rules. By instance, to enter on the territory of cloister is prohibited in that way, if tourists are clothed in T-shirts, shorts, mini skirts. Besides, women should cover their heads with shawl, which they can buy right there.

This is the biggest cloister in Russia. Now 300 priest people live there. This cloister is considered to be the symbol of Russian Orthodox, that connects with the name of Sergia Radonezhskogo. Moreover, with this place the russian culture got a wide distribution. At this place worked and lived many russian writers and thinkers: Epiphany Premudry, Pakhomy Lagophet, Maxim Greck, Avraamy Palitsin, the artists Andrey Rublev and Danila Cherny. The old chronicles, in particular,  Troizkaya were kept at this cloister.

Now the cloister complex consists of 45 buildings and monuments. As the life continued there, that many buildings was always being rebuilt. That's why no one building could keep its first appearance.

In oder to enter to this cloister one should pass several gates. The main gate of them is holy with Ioann Predtechy church, placed on the way, leading from the side of Sergiev Posad. Behind it, there is the biggest building the main cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Assumption. This cathedral was built in 1559 year in honour of uniting Kazan and Astrakhan khanates to Russian lands by the decision of Ivan the Terrible. The paintings of inside interior were made in XVII cent. by troizky and yaroslavl artists under the direction of Grigoriev's brothers. From north west to this cathedral sided with not big room of Godunov. At this room are kept the bones of tsar Boris his wife and children Fedor and Ksenia. After beginning XVII cent. russian metropolitans were buried there too.

Unusual construction of this church in honour of Ascent the Holy Spirit on apostles, situated near cathedral, is opened in the bell tower construction, its rings hanged under the foundation of the only head of temple, like Pskov's bell towers. In XVII cent. to this bell tower was sided with side chapel above a tomb of russian writer and thinker Maksim Greck. Above the tomb of Sergia Radonezhsky was built a wooden church, in 1422-23 years it was replaced by wooden and consecrated in honour of St. Trinity. Troizky cathedral is one of the ancient constructions of Sergiev laurel, it is an example of early moscow white stone architect. At this place moscow tsars baptized their children. Inside paintings were done by A. Rublev and Daniil Cherny. But these frescos couldn't kept to present time, due to their unsuitable appearance these frescos were changed. Iconostasis consisted of 40 icons, belonged to XV cent. was left the whole. By the way, Rublev created a picture Trinity, which is a part of collection in the Tretjakovskaya gallery now.
In iconostasis are placed another works of Rublev and Cherny.

In metropolitan's privy room, that stands near Troizky cathedral, there is the chambers of patriarchy, erected in XVII century, represented itself a long building with length 85 m. At this place monks eats in big holidays, there is a small refectory for every day eating.

The building of the Blessed Virgin Appearance church is connected with a vision. The legend of Sergeia Radonezhsky is told, that he saw the Our Lady with two apostles, from them he knew about the prosperity his residence after the death of his. After that event, this church was appeared, where are kept the holy bones of Sergia and St. Michey. Thanks to that fact, this temple became call Micheevsky.

There is a religious academy, where was placed tsar's rest room. This room is decorated with paintings of coloured glaze tile. Besides, on the territory of the cloister one can meet with other buildings.

Outside cloister are placed the other constructions, on the bank of Konchura there is Vvedenskya church, built on boyard Ivan Khabarov means. At this place there is Pyatnizkaya church and many tiers chapel of Pyatnizky well, erected above spring.
Besides, visiting Troize-Sergievoy laurel the spirit heart of Russia, tourists have an opportunity to meet with unique Bogorodsky toy trade. People call Sergiev-Posad as smile kingdomthere were living a lot of outstanding masters. On such excursions tourist become the participants of different games.

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On the territory of Russia there are 100 reserves, total area of which makes 33.55 mln ha, and 35 national parks with total area of 6.96 mln ha.


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