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City Saratov (lat. Sara tau yellow mountain) is the administrative centre of Saratov region, which is placed on the right river's bank of Volga,  on the same distance from Volgograd and Samara. It is a large transport junction and river port.

Saratov is the city of unique and individual look and rich historical fate. It is a famous centre of high education, science-research and project activity. Nonrandom Saratov is called as student's town. The Saratov State University by   N.G. Tchernishevsky, medical and law universities are worthy included in the number of leading universities in Russia.

Saratov is important industrial center of Volga Region. To main industrial enterprises of the city is related Saratov aircraft factory. Mechanical engineering, oil and chemical industry are  high developed in the city.

It is an ancient theatre city. The first serf theatre appeared in Saratov in 1803 year. At present time work nine theatres.
The first open museum for general use appeared in Saratov too. It is the Saratov museum by A.N. Radischev.
The first russian national circus became circus in Saratov. Now it is belonged to Nikitins brothers. It was created in 1873 year by famous circus artists Nikitins brothers native of Sratov province.

Saratov was the third town of Russia,which began to use the phone connection.
A lot of famous people lived there. Here were born a writer and literature critic N.G. Tchernishevsky, an artist V. E. Borisov Musatov, a Hero of Soviet Union the general I.V. Panfilov (he took part in the battle under Moscow), the Nobel prize laureate the one soviet laureate, who got the prize for the development in chain reaction, and the native actors B. Babochkin, E. Lebedev, O. Tabakov, the author of universally known song Kalinka - I. Larionov.

The memorial complex Park of the Victory have to do with the main city sights. It is place on Sokolova mountain (the highest top of Saratov) in which include the museum of defense technology in open air, the monument for death soldiers in the World War II, the national museum National Village. Besides, it should be mentioned Sacred Trinity Cathedral on the museum square, the temple of God's Mother, and also Uvek - remains from the ancient town of Golden Horde.

One of the oldest museum of local lore is the Saratov Museum of Local lore was created in 1886 year. The most important collections are considered such as ethnographical clothes, common things and works of Volga region people, archaeological collection, the collection of cold steel, the collection of different religious things and creeds, the collection of social and political revolution movement XIX XX cent.

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Active rest in Saratov
Tourists coming in Saratov for two-three and even more days, wont have a tedious time. Here the opportunity to become absorbed in the world of fishing, hunting or just yachting along the banks of this picturesque place. Saratov area is famous just for this. Lets begin with the fact that in the area there are mass of rivers and lakes, teeming with fish in a literal sense.
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The history of Saratov
The first location of Saratov modern Zavodskoi district of the city, called in ancient time Uzbek. Formerly Saratov was a city of the Golden Horde, the third in size. Here there are palaces, water-supply functioned, there was also a mint. However in 1395 the city was destroyed. In this respect there are two versions. According to one of them Saratov vanished from the face of the earth because of the war of Timur with Toktamish. The other one says that bank landslides buried the city. Perhaps now on the depth of Saratov rivers under the layer of silt and sand there are ancient treasures of the Golden Horde.
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I am facinated in the history of Saratov, I have recently learned that my Great Grandfather Alexis Ruloff or Alexy Ephimovich Ksenofontoff was a Count there before the Civil war, and his father Ephim Nikitovich Ksenophontoff was a Gerneral in the Russian Army. I plan on making a trip there to learn more of their history.

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The first archeological Museum of lively history of Russia is established in Great Novgorod. It is considered that it was the place constructions of so called Slovenian end were located. Museum of lively nature will be protected from moods of the weather by a giant umbrella.


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