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Beautiful town Podolsk

Podolsk is situated at a distance of 43 km from the center of Moscow. The town appeared from not
a large village Podol. Thevillage Podol (Podol-Pahra) is known as a patrimony of Moscow Danilov monastery since 1627-28. The name is formed of term podol (into English lap), which reflects location of the Kremlin. Situated on the large trade highway, which connected Moscow with the western and southern princedoms of Russia, and the Pahra river, which had transport significance in old times, the village grew quickly and in 1781 it was reorganized into chief town of the uyezd Podol, but soon by the name of uyezd official form Podolsk was consolidated.

In XIX century the main trade of inhabitants was trading, transportation and white coal and rubble production. Economical development of Podolsk in XIX century precipitated building Brest-Litovskaya road in 1844-47, the railway in 1866. Besides, in 1900 year in Podolsk appeared the
american mechanical factory Zinger -  for  making sewing machines and produce some details for them. That's why the town was rapidly developed at the beginning XX cent. The first sewing machines were put on the market in 1903 year.

The main production was interrupted on several years in 1918 year, when the factory was under the
soviet government. The first soviet sewing machines were making in 1924.

In the World War II time Podolsk was fronted town. Podolsk enterprises rendered the important   assistance for the front, which began to put out some ammunition, repaired tanks and other military technics.

Before the war in Podolsk were opened artillery and infantry military schools, where more than three thousand cadets studied there. 5 October 1941 year Podolsk cadets were raised by the alarm, and for several days they helped to protect the town. In the course of violent battles were killed a lot of cadets. Podolsk cadets and soldiers from 43th part of russian army  detered the pressure of fascists
army and helped to gain time in oder to taking Moscow reserves.

At present time Podolsk is one of the largest industry centers of Moscow region. Podolsk is the first small town in Russia, which was awarded the highest national reward by order of Peter the Great, for outstanding services and progresses, assisting well being of Russia.

The architecture of Podolsk is typically soviet, presented with the building of Stalin and Khruschev times. One of the most interesting modern buildings in the center of the town was a late gymnasium, which was built in 1912. It was the most beautiful construction of that time.

In the town were kept all sorts of merchant's buildings XIX cent., and also several big ensembles of stone houses of last century.
The main ensemble of industry architecture is the factory Zinger, which has a vast territory between roads of railway.

One of the wonderful sights of the town is the Iced Palace Vityaz. This palace appeared in 2000 year and is considered one of the best iced palace in the country. Sport club Vityaz is truly unique apparition for Russia. In its sections are combined about three dozens kinds of sport on free basis, with tennis exception. There are also sections for children with limited capacity. Not far from club is erected the monument knight on the horse, ancient russian warrior in hard hat and chain armour.

In the centre of Podolsk are kept two temples Troizky Cathedral, including in the ensemble of lost trade lines in 1960, and white stoned church Voskresenia Christ (1724).

The Cathedral of Troiza Zhivonachalnaya was built in 1819-32 years in honour of the victory in the Patriotic War 1812. It created as the compositional centres, determined the architectural look. This cathedral was built on the high bank, and rose under the surroundings, attracting attention   and renewing the panorama of the town. It is the great five - domed cathedral, made empire with three tiers ring, and has two side altar.
 In soviet times Troizky cathedral was the one working town cathedral of Moscow region. In the cathedral Zhivonachalnoy are kept its own relics: Jerusalem icon of God's Mother and, esteemed people, and two caskets with parts of sacred bones.

Voskresenskaya church is one of the ancient churches in Podolsk. This church is mentioned in old books (1627-1628), when on place of modern town was settled the village Podol. At first the temple was wooden, but after the fire was built the stone temple. Afterwards the church was closed, its ring was destroyed. Rebirth of the temple began in 1995 year, at the same time was the first divine service.

Near the river is placed the Historic Memorial Museum Podolje. Thanks for citizen forces succeeded in keeping a historical core in forming Podolsk. At present time it is the one historical monument, which isn't changed since its opening.

There are farmsteads in Podolsk such as : Ivanovskoe, Plesheevo, Voronovo, Krasnoe, Polivanovo.

In the farmstead Dubrovitse

there is the temple of the Blessed Virgin, it is the one temple in Russia, which is crowed by tracery gilt crown. It was expected that this temple was built by iyalian workers.
As concerns the farmstead Dubovitse itself, This architectural complex was built in 1627 year, and include three store prince's house with balconies, terraces and galleries. The owner of this Farmstead were the families of Golizin, Dmitrievi Mamonovi.

One of the ancient farmstead in Near Moscow is Ivanovskoe.

The farmstead Ivanovskoe

The estate is based at the end of XVIII century by I. I. Golovin. A three-storied house with side wings (in the eastern wing a church was built in the second quarter of XIX century); two-storied outhouses, united with the house in 1820, a park pavilion; the theater building, the metallic fence of the smart entry with the gates of 1820s have been kept. In the main corps of the house there is the museum of Russian Federation vocational education. In the left wing the Museum of local lore.
The exposition of the museum gives an idea of the history of Podolsk town, its vicinities, about inhabitants occupation. Researcher will be interested in the collection of archeological monuments of the south of Moscow region. Those who study military operations of our country may get to know the military events of 1812 and 1941. The museum keeps the collections of flinty and bone articles of the Iron Age, the collection of painting and graphic of Podolsk artists and also the collection of materials of the factory in producing sewing machinesZinger

In the farmstead Ostafjevo

there are a lot of places for walking and interesting museums. The alley on its territory leads to the beautiful two stored place (1801), which is connected with wings colonnades. The visitors of this farmstead were: Zhukovsky, Griboedov, Kuchelbeker. It is the Russian Historical Heritage.

The farmstead Voronovo

was appeared in XVII cent., many famous names were connected with it, such as Voloskoy, Vorontsov, Sheremetjev.

The architectural monuments were kept the main farmstead house and Dutch house. Dutch house is a rare appearance of park construction such architecture is suitable for St. Petersburg's estate. The unique monument of garden park art is Voronovsky park.
It should be mentioned, that the main estate house reconstructed at the end of XIX cent., when the owner was Sheremetjev.

The farmstead Michailovskoe

On the picturesque banks at the end of XVIII cent. was raised palace ensemble with beautiful and strong balconies, by initials M.K. - Michael Kretchetnikov. He was a grandee under the queen Catherine II. This two stored house was built in classicism style. There is a church near the house, which was consecrated in the nane of archangel Michael.
At present time on the territory of farmstead is settled a pension with well furnished park zone and pound.

The farmstead Krasnoe

This name appeared thanks to its picturesque places. There is a beautiful church in this estate. The temple was made in Baroque taste, and was built in 1706 year, at the same time was created this farmstead.

At present time on its territory there are a violet park and wonderful pounds. All territory is divided between various department.

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