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Plateau Ukok and valley Tchulishman

Plateau Ukok was lost at the turn of borders of Russia and Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia, in the south of Altai, between ridges Taban-Bogdo-ola and South-Tchuisky. The plateau became famous after discovery of barrows with frozen burial places on it.

And recently it has been entered in the list of the most protected and valuable objects of the UNESCO. On the whole this place is uninhabited, only from time to time an encampment of a herder, tending a herd of sheep, can be met. The basic reason of outbacking is frozen condition of ground. In summer huge temperature swings from +30 Cº to -5 Cº - can be observed. And in winter temperature falls to -50 Cº. Here there are barrows in which the body of an Altai princess was found. It is possible to reach this place, passing by lakes the Karakol-Nur and Zerlyukol-Nur, Dzhumangal springs.

The burial place of the Altai princess was saved formerly by a warrior- (it is interesting that existed in Altai together with being in dependence). It has fully kept things and the skeleton of the woman, which were found in the barrow. Vandals probably thought that the warrior is an only person, who had been buried there. The body of the woman lied in the frame of larch, ceiling of which consisted of 11 densely jointed logs, and right after it there was a crust of ice, owing to which remains had been kept in good condition. By adornments and clothes of the woman scientists suggested that she was a shaman, a savior of her tribe.

By appearance it was determined that she was 25 years old, she was high, slim woman of European type. At present time the princess is kept in the museum of Novosibirsk Institute of Archeology and ethnography attached to Russian Academy of Science.

Dzhunmalinsk thermal springs are located in the border zone and it is necessary to get a license for visiting them. Their name is originated from Altai Dzhunmalu which means having ibexes. It is the only spring in the south of Altai, containing radan. Besides, it contains sulphate, natrium, calcium and large amount of nitrogen and rare gases. It is possible to reach it going along the left bank of the river Dzhazator which flows on the southern slope of South-Tchuisk ridge. Now the spring is entered in the list of monuments of the nature of the republic. 300 people come to it in summer. There is another spring which is called Sacred. It is located near Teletskoe lake, for a distance of 1 km to the east from settlement Kazik-Ozek.

People from the whole Gorno-Altaisk have come to it from time immemorial in order to enjoy pleasant taste of its waters containing mass of mineral salts. Here there is also the Biya river the second deep river of after the Katun. Its length is 280 km. Its banks are covered with pines and cedars, waters are rich in fish. Flowing together with the Katun, the river gives rise to the Ob river.

At village Udalovka there is a natural wonder a high basalt rock, resembling iconostasis. And it has the same name. Its height is 50-60 m, on it Lenins profile is seen (the upper part of the rock) and lower there is an inscription: Lenins name, his business, work and doctrine will live forever. The history of origin of this bas-relief is quite simple: after the war a worker of Komsomol I. Sichev carved the leaders face in the rock when descending from the top on a cradle, meant specially for this, for several months. Tourists, coming here, call this work an iconostasis of last century. Teletskoe lake, the largest in Altai, occupies the territory area of which is 227.3 m², its depth is 325 m and the average width is 2.9 km. The Biya river begins from it. It is the most advertised place in the republic, its photos can be seen in the brochures of local tourist agencies.

Nevertheless it belongs to the class of non-developed natural objects. Owing to its depth the lake was entered in number of the deepest reservoirs of such type (and there are 15 such lakes in the world). Perhaps only the Baikal has such depth. Unfortunately, this fact affect adversely bathing season: it is practically impossible to swim here as even in summer water get warmed thoroughly up to +10 Cº and only on the surface layers near the shore up to +20 Cº. Chulchinsk waterfall is located in the valley of Tchulishman, resembling a dry steppe, in the Tchulcha river. It is the largest cascade waterfall of Altai, height of falling of which is 160 m. Nevertheless scientists consider it a waterfall.

Falling down with speed of electric train, it making such noise that people, standing near it, cant outvoice each other. It is possible to see this wonder from a little island which is located at the foot of the waterfall. In order to reach it we advise you to take an inflatable boat with you or otherwise you will have to cross the Tchulishman river wading, baring the way.

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The hot spring is the only place in Russia, combining medicinal properties of mineral waters of Essuntuky type and hydrosulfide baths of Sochi-Modest type.


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