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Pereslavl Zalessky sights

The name of the town was taken by Juriy Dolgoruky from Kiev lands. It is known, that there was a town not far from Kiev with the same name since 907 year. This town was located near the river Trubezh. According to one version, tsar made people resettle of Kiev Pereslavl to Zalesje. Another version told, that the town was placed on the territory of modern Ryazan and called as Pereslavl Erzyansky. At that places, according to this version flowed the river Trubezh.

At first, this place was famous by its lake Kleschinoe, now Plescheevo. It is one of the purest and biggest reservoir of Russia with length 9,5 km with an extension of coastline 28 km. It is considered, that before at this place was a sea. The existence of tsar herring - a whitefish, freshwater herring, which lived only at this reservoir is explained the fact of the sea. By the way, for its existence need only the clean water, and also constant temperature. This fish eats a plankton, it is impossible to take this fish the bait. Long ago this fish was very popular eating in Ancient Russia, according to the facts from history. In accordance with one of them, in 1686 year in Moscow to tsar's table were delivered more than 80 thousands fresh and more than 20 thousands smoked herrings. The whitefish is represented on the Pereslavl emblem.
There are three interesting museums in the town: the museum of iron, the museum of steam engine and the museum of Peter's high overshoes, placed in the Veskovo village.

One can free enter to the first museum. It isn't difficult to understand that this collection consists of the collection of the irons, from the most ancient times to present about 150 irons. The oldest of them was made in 1850 year. Here, one can see the other things for washing and ironing.

The museum estate of Peter's high overshoes  is symbolized itself the reference point of russian flotilla. Right there appeared the funny flotilla of Peter the Great. On the bank were built dockyards, works, sheds for keeping rigging, stables. The biggest ship was Mars, possessed of 30  cannon. After changing the funny flotilla into a real flotilla, it was abandoned. To XIX century was kept only one high overshoes Fortunate. In 1803 year, especially for it, was built a pavilion, which later became the museum of the native history of marine. Now this place combines itself the museum, camping and restaurant.

At the distance of 23 km from the museum is placed another, devoted to the history of steam engine in Russia. In summer one can drive on the old railway engine.

The main architectural monument of the town is the cathedral of Spasso Preobrazheniya, located on the territory of the Kremlin. It is the oldest construction in all Yaroslavl land, it is considered to be the first model of vladimir suzdal stone architecture. This temple began to built in 1152 year by Juriy Dolgoruky, and finished in 1157 year by tsar's son Andrey Bogolubsky. Inside interior of the temple, unfortunately, wasn't kept. About precious inside decoration one can judge to majolica floor, which is kept in the Gorezky monastery of Pereslavl, and to main temple icon the Transfiguration of God, which is placed in Tretjyakovskaya gallery in Moscow. It is supposed, that at this temple was christened Alexander Nevsky. Right there Segey Radonezhsky entered the Church.

One more sight of the Kremlin is the church of Peter metropolitan. Such name it got in honour of Peter metropolitan. Near this temple situated the other buildings, having left alone after Bogorodizky cloister they are the cathedral in the name of Vladimir icon of God's mother and Alexander Nevsky church. Both were built in 1740 years.
Borisiglebsky and Nikolsky cloisters were built on a bog. From the first cloister were kept Smolensko Kornilievskaya church and secret frame, built in XVIII-XIX century. This cloister was considered to be poor, that's why after the reforms of Catherine II, this cloister was closed. The same fate perceived neighboring church, it was Blagoveschenskaya church, again rebuilt in XVIII century.

On the territory of Pereslavl-Zalessky there are several cloisters. Nikitinsky is on the deep of Rostovskaya street. The way leading to it, passes through cemetery, where in 1702 year was built Chernigovskaya chapel. It is supposed, that at this place in XII century happened the miraculous healing of tsar of Tchernigov Michael.

The cathedral of Nikita Great martyr is considered to be the main construction of the cloister, which was built in 1561-1564 years. To south from the temple is placed the church of Annunciation with a refectory and ring tower. The church itself was placed on the second floor, on the first floor was warehouses. By the way, Peter's room was still kept,  in time of  his visiting the town, Peter the Great lived there.
Another cloister is on the opposite side of the town. It is a residence of Troize Danilov was opened in 1508 year, This temple was consecrated in honour of a monk Daniil, who according to local legend, assisted Ivan the Terrible in birth of his son. This even happened at that time when Daniil cared of different graved. Once Ivan the Terrible came to him an asked to perish for birth of his heir. After Fedor's birth, tsar ordered to built a cloister at the head of Daniil. After Daniil death was built a side altar above his grave, relating to the main sight of the cloister Troizky cathedral. Besides this construction, there are several buildings, which are kept  for present days. They are the ring tower of the sanctum church, God's Mother praise, well and also Seretenskaya church, near it, is placed a garden arboretum. In this arboretum one can see Japanese sakura and other rare trees and bushes. Now this garden includes to the part of national park of Plescheevo lake.

There is a cloister Gorizky, where is placed the historic museum of local lore. There are many archaeological discoveries, arts and crafts things and many other, being evidence of history and culture of the region.

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