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What do we Know about Noginsk?

At a distance of 46 km from Moscow, on north-western board is situated the town Noginsk.
Noginsk is famous as a village Rogozhy since the time of Dmitriy Donskoy (1389)
This village was placed on Vladimirskaya road, connecting Moscow with two towns Vladimir and 
Nizhniy Novgorod. In the village is developed the profit trade, many rich people stayed there and it was a profitable as for citizen as for merchants. There were also developed homecrafts and handicrafts.

At the begining of XVI cent. was settled Yamskaya Slaboda Stariy Rogozhskiy Yam Later the village Rogozhky turned into a large place of population. In administrative reforms time, which were implemented by Catherine II, appeared Bogorodsky uyezd (1781). In middle XIX cent. there was built a big textile fabric - Bogorodize-Glukhovskaya manufacture

At the second part of XIX cent. Bogorods was the one of the significance centres of Near Moscow.
This town was renamed in 1930 year in honour state and member of the party Viktor Nogin, having worked in 1890 years on  Bogorodize-Glukhovskaya manufacture.
A lot of buildings were kept in Noginsk. And one of the most interesting monuments, which is kept for our days, is a tramway.

The first monument devoted to Lenin, was opened in Noginsk on Glukhovskoy square. It should be mentioned about new monuments, devoted to the decedent soldiers in Afghanistan war.
There is one permanent establishment theatre in Noginsk. Noginsk State Dramatic Theatre is the pride of the town and Moscow region.

There is a museum of local lore in Noginsk too. The museum's fund is kept many interesting collections among them scientific, archaeological, painting, photos and documentary materials. The pride of the museum is the collection of Russian Painting XIX XX cent.

Bogoyavlensky Cathedral is an one-domed temple with many tiers rings in style of late classicism. When Noginsk named as the village Rogozhy in 1755-67 years, there was built the stone temple in honour God's Theophany with a side altar in the name of Nikolay Tchudotvorez.
In 1822-24 years by the temple were built some side chapels in honour God's Mother. At the same time was erected two tiers ring, and in 1873 year the church was named as cathedral. Afterwards this ring was reconstructed foe several times.

In 30th years of XX cent. the cathedral was closed. In November 1997 this cathedral was returned to
Russian Orthodox Church.
In the number of relics are Tikhvinskaya, Vladimirskaya, Kazanskaya icons.

On the territory of modern Noginsk there are old farmsteads such as, Volkhonka, Glokhova, Uspenskoe, Voskresenskoe.

Volhonka, which belonged to the Volkonskies in the past, Gluhogo, which was owned by the Morozovs and where have been kept dwelling constructions of the beginning of the XX century in modern style, household buildings and an extensive landscape park, Uspenskoe with a main two-storied house and Uspenskaya church (1756) in Baroque taste. In village Vostochnoe, situated eastward, there is one of the best in Moscow monuments of wooden architecture Voznesenskaya church, built in 1705 (restored in 1846) and enclosed from three sides with a gallery on consoles. Here in 1833 with contribution of parishioners was built refined temple of the Protection of the Virgin. Large Bunkovo is famous for a post station, which was transferred here in 1791. In Bunkovo stayed A. N. Radischev, A. I. Gertsen, in 1827 in the station Decembrists wives, followed their husbands, changed their horses.

This cathedral is placed : 16,a Rabochaya street.

At a distance of 20 km from Noginsk on the river's Vorya bank is placed the complex of Nikolaevskoy Berlukovskoy desert including itself  walls and tower middle XIX cent., Spasskaya and Troizkaya churches and many tiers ring.

It should be mentioned the climatic and geographical features of Noginsk. Such factors as temperate continental climate, the presence of mineral sources and health filth of local lakes, picturesque landscapes, forestlands, lakes, ponds are promoted in development of pension complexes and tourism on the territory of Noginsk.

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