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Nature of Tver region

The Tver Region is a land of water. There are over 800 rivers and streams here. The main waterway is the Volga. There are also over 600 lakes, Seliger is the most famous one. Kashinski mineral waters are very popular, there is a spa there. Then there are mineral waters close to Torjok (Mitino) and Kanakova (Karacharovo). Tver itself is the Water Queen of the Volga region as it stands on the banks of fiver rivers: the Volga, the Tvertsa, the Tmaka, the Lazur and the Sogminka.

However, the most striking natural beaty of the region is the lake with the charming name of Seliger. It is not like other lakes. It is a sort of a lake system where lakes are connected through channels. Wider and longer parts of a lake are called stretches. Besides lakes and stretches (up to 24!), Seliger forms numerous bays or bends. Elks, wild boars, bears, coon dogs, beavers, martens, hares, squirrels can be met at Seliger. There are many mushrooms and berries in the woods: raspberries, strawberries, bilberries, great bilberries, cranberries. And over 20 fish species can be found at the lake. Tens of thousands of tourists, fans of water sports, fishermen, hunters visit the lake every year. Most of the routes around streams and lakes of the Seliger region belong to the 1st grade of difficulty and can be used by less experienced travelers with children. Verhnevoljskaya world tour and routes involving hauling belong to the 2nd grade. It is very hard to deny oneself to travel on water here, as there are a lot of lakes at Seliger and even the grown-up wish to feel a Robinsos. However, this is impossible at the biggest island of Hachin as there are too many Fridays there there are five villages and 11 internal lakes there, including Gniletskoye Lake a boggy one with lots of cane, sedge, can-dock and white lilies.

Another striking sight of this wonderful land is a real service-tree copse. It is situated on the island of Klichen at Seliger. It is a real natural wonder, especially in fall when service-trees bear fruit. So, there is something to see in the Tver region, especially as it is situated in the part of the Russian Plain where elevations and lowlands alternate. There are some hills at the north-west which reach 1,000 feet in height. The nature gives a lot of inspiration here. That is where artist I.I.Shishkin painted his famous canvases Ship Forrest, Morning at a Pine Forrest.

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