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Museum-panorama the Battle of Borodino

 In the centre of Moscow, at Kutuzovsky prospect is placed historic-memorial complex, devoted to the Great Patriotic War of 1812, the centre of that is museum-panorama the Battle of Borodino.

The complex was arranged at the end of XIX cent., when was mounted a milestone by army officers in commemoration of events in 1812 year. This milestone was mounted on the place of burnt izba of military council, but after four years it was reconstructed. In 1912 was built a museum-chapel in honour of M. I. Kutuzov. In 1940 year from communal grave was transported an obelisk to the izba . After 18 years near it was mounted a bronze bosom of M. I. Kutuzov. In 1962 year was opened museum-panorama the Battle of Borodino, the centre of expositions was Borodino Panorama, written by F.A. Rubo in 1912.

In 1968 on Kutuzov prospect between Poklonnaya hill and museum-panorama was placed Triumph Arch (artist O. Bove).

Finished the historic-memorial complex, the Great Heroes monument of Patriotic War of 1812, which was placed in front of building in 1973 year.

The Borodino panorama is a good model of historic-military art XX cent. The panorama is placed at the round hall with a central sight area and creates some illusion reality of ambient space.

It has two levels of look: from the first of level the panorama grasps entirely, the second level allows to look the panorama in details.

The artist showed us one of the serious moments of the battle. Round audience is deployed dramatic picture of bloody battle, the panorama has a great force to the audience. Oversight of this picture is

accompanied by special sound effects, reproducing a noise of the battle and overture fragments by P. I. Chakovsky.

Besides, in the museum are represented the collection of painting arts, graphic arts, weapons and glasses XIX cent. Here you may also see fight banners, weapons, accoutrements and fitting out of Russian Army of the beginning last century. Numismatics appears in the collection in 1962 year, it base consists of private collection of famous moscow collectors.

At the centre of museum there are columns, they are built from glass and aluminium, with cylinder form and remind drums with height about 23 metres. On the stone stair of socle are laid the trophy weaponed trunks.

All of that 68 tools belong to different countries of Europe, whose armies were part with Napoleon's army. By panorama they were replaced from the walls of Moscow Arsenal of Kremlin.

You should visit the library, where you can find text and illustrated documents of Patriotic War history of 1812, and know about the first publications of panorama and other interesting things.

The base of Triumph Arch is consisted of single-bay with six pair of 12 metres stood horses.

On the top of Arch there is a chariot with six horses . In the chariot is stood the Venus of Victory. The walls are trimmed with white stone. Total height is 28 metres.

The main front is directed to the Borodino field and Poklnnayahill, where Napoleon was waiting for delegation with keys from Moscow.

The museum-panorama works daily at 10.00 a.m. till 18.00 p.m.

Holiday is Friday.

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