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Murmansk region was formed in 1938 year. The centre is the hero city Murmansk. The region occupies the territory of Kolsky peninsula and south west part of of continent. Almost all territory
of the region is placed beyond Arctic Circle. On the north and north east the territory is washed by the Barents sea, on the east and south by the White sea. On the west the region boarders upon Finland and Norway, on south with Karelia.

The Murmansk area consists of 144,9 thousands square kilometres, the most length from west to east 550 km, from north to south 400km.
Climate of Murmansk region is various. Snow may fall in all month of year; in December in polar night, temperature may be 10 degrees above zero, there are winter thunders on the Barents sea coast almost every year.
The official date of city's creation is considered 4th of October 1916 year, when was carried out the ceremonial laying of temple in honour of seamen patron St. Nikolay Mirlikiisky. The city was the last city, which was created in Russia Empire, it was named Romanov on Muromn. And after half a year (after February revolution) the city got a name Murmansk.
Murmansk is situated on the east rocky coast of Kolsky bay of the Barents sea. It is the largest city in the world, which placed beyond Arctic Circle, one of the largest ports of Russia. In the World War II time, Murmansk having a strategic importance was practically full destroyed, only port constructions were kept. But enough fast the city was reconstructed.

In spite of relative city's youth, there are many sights here. Practically from any place of the city is seen a great sculpture soldiers figure, which Murmansk citizens are called Murmansk's Alesha. It is a part od memorial complex for Soviet defenders. The highest building of the city is a hotel Arctic (it is the sight of the city, because high building were not constructed due to severe climate).
The first monument of Murmansk is the monument devoted to offering from foreign intervention. On the bank of Semenovskoe lake is placed Murmansk oceanarium.
In Murmansk local library there is a monument of equal to the apostles Cyrill and Mephody. It is notable, that it was gotten as present from Bulgaria and is a full copy, which is now placed near national library of Bulgaria.

It should be mentioned  Murmansk museum of local lore and Murmansk art museum.

There are three professional theatres in the city. The oldest one is Murmansk local puppet show, the largest one is Murmansk local drama theatre.

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Sights in Murmansk
The highest building of the city is 16th hotel Arctic. The first Murmansk monument is considered the monument of sacrifices of foreign intervention.
Near Murmansk library there is a monument devoted to sacred equal to the apostles Cyrill and Mephody. It is notable construction, that was got as a present from Bulgaria, and is true copy of the monument placing on the national library in Bulgaria. This monument is presented to Murmansk in
appreciation of revival Days of Slavonic script.
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Active Rest in Murmansk
Almost all territory of Murmansk region is placed beyond the North Arctic Circle, that make this region so beautiful. There are a lot of forests, tundra, full of rapids salmon rivers, smooth surface of the lakes. These region is for true romantic, who wishes going to the North Pole on icebreaker, catch salmon, come down on ski along snow slopes of Khibini Mountains, see the beauty of under water world of the White and Barents Seas.
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i've been there twice. i liked it.

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The first archeological Museum of lively history of Russia is established in Great Novgorod. It is considered that it was the place constructions of so called Slovenian end were located. Museum of lively nature will be protected from moods of the weather by a giant umbrella.


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