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Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro

It seemed, 70 years ago nothing prompted to build an underground,the population was about 2'000'000 people. But at the present time we feel what it means really.
Every year million passenger went by the underground line. During The World War II it served as a dug-out for people. And now you may see in several stations the concrete stairs leading  in tunnel.
There are two version of appearance the word «Metro». One of them is the Word «Metro» joined according to the first undergrounds in London, the construction was in1863 year by Metropoliten.
On the contrary, there is another version, that this word was borrowed from French, it means the capital, another words «Metropolitan Rail Road»
The first project was elaborated  in 1901 year. But the members of the Moscow State archaelogical association was sured, that it destroyed the Temples. In 1912 a new project was issued by State Government.
The first line was opened for a motion on the 5th of the May. The motion began from the station «Sokolniki» to metro station «Okhotny Ryad». From the first line people beloved Metro Station «Kropotkinskaya». This station was decorated in a fair marble, a floor laid out grey and pink granite, a hall lighted with the concealed lamp. There is an exit to Volkhonka.

In the international show in Paris (1937) and Brussels (1958) the model got a Gran-Prix. When we used to go by Metro, we have the possibility to touch by its history and development.
Moscow Metro consist of 12 lines, on which 176 stations are. Here you may find the most interesting:
Metro station «Park Kulturi»
It forms a part of  metro station «Sokolniki»and place in a region «Khamovniki»(the central administrative region of Moscow).This station has two halls and one common hall, one of them leads on Zubovsky Boulevard and «Komsomolsky Prospect», another – on «Ostozhenka».
 The column is decorated with yellow-brown colour, walls are coated white ceramic and floor is laid out by granite .In decorating are used the white and grey marble and other rich materials.

Metro station «Preobrazhenskaya Ploshad» is on the Sakolniki Line.
The station began a work on 1965 year. It places at the Preobrazhensk region,which forms a part of
 East  administrative region of Moscow.
Exits - by underground on the Big Cherkizovskja and Preobrazhenskja Square. The station is decorated with a green marble and white ceramic.The Floor is laid out by the red and grey granite.

Metro station «Krasnoselskaya» began to work in 1935 in form a part of the first starting site of Metro., which is situated on the territory of the  «Krasnoselskaya» region (the central administrative region of Moscow).The floor is laid out by  white marble and walls are encased in red and yellow ceramic.

Metro station «Krasnie Vorota» is on the Sakolniki Line.
This station was opened in 1935  in form a part of the first starting site of Metro.
Situated on the territory of the  «Krasnoselskaya» region (the central administrative region of Moscow) In the coating are used red, yellow, grey, white marbles. In the international World Fair this project got Grand-Prix.
The second hall was erected in 50th years and at the same time the 138m high building was raised.
Metroconstructors helped to reduce the building terms due to an unsuitable soil.
They usually used  the method of freezing, turned the soil into a large ice rock, then it thawed out and fitted for the building.

Metro Station “Vorobjevi gory”
It forms a part of  the station «Sokolniki».This station was opened in 1953 year on the first circle
Luzhnezky metro-bridge and called “Leninskie Gory” The trains move for the line “Vorobjivi gory”-”Sportivnay”not using the underground, but on metro-bridge.
 Metro Station is placed  on the territory of the region “Khamovniki” ( the central administrative region of Moscow.)
Metro-bridge was erected at the earliest possible date  for 15 month, as they hurried to do the work by the International Youth Holiday. This bridge was planed to be done with metal piers, but was realised in a reinforced concrete, in oder to undercharge this building. Due to intensive reinforcement  an armature passed from one of the reinforced concrete model. Having built and opened Metro- Bridge was for a long time in reconstruction.
Station floor was laid out  of tile, rail walls was made from glass, putting into an aluminium frame.   
The Bridge piers and transition alleys was coated with green and white marble.

Metro Station “Komsomoljskaya”

It forms a part of  the station line «Sokolniki-Park Kulturi”. It is placed on the territory of the “Krasnoseljskaya” ( the central administrative region of Moscow)
It is the columns station, which have the triple-bays, here settled a couple of the 56 rows.
 There is an electro-depot “Severnoe” between two stations “Krasnoselskaya” and “Komsomolskaya” Right from there moved the first test train in 1st of Oktober 1934 year on the “Sakolniki” line, consisted of two carriages.
The station floor was laid in the red and grey granite, the rail walls was encased in light yellow ceramic plates. The station column is  decorated with a bronze emblem Communistic International of Youth.
The main advantage of this station “Komsomolskaya” is maiolica's picture, devoted to Heroistic Work of Komsomol-metroconstructors.

Metro Station “Novoslobodkaya” - was opened in section “Kurskaya – Belogorodskaya”in 1952.
It forms a part of  “Kolzevoy” line between stations “Prospekt Mira” and “Belorusskaya”referred to
the nearest station street. It has five vaulting of deep location, which is 40m longweise.
There is one surface vestibule with  exit to onset of Novoslobodskaya street. Ithe main stational hall is transition,leading to the “Mendeleevskaya” station- is a part of “Serpukhovsko-Timirayazevskoy” street.
The pylons are trimmed with Ural's marble and decorated with lightening stained glasses and hemmed of gilded brass.
 The floor is laid out of the white and black granites, the rail walls are faced by ceramic slabs. At the end of the station is  mosaic picture by name “World Peace”

Metro Station “Arbatskaya”
It forms a part of “Arbatsko-Pokrovskoy” line.
The station was opened in 1953 on the territory “Ploshad Revoluzii-Kievskaya” and places between two stations “Smolenskaya”and “Plpshad Revoluz”
The Vestibule is built to Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, connect escalator with underground hall “Aleksandrovsky”.Through this vestibule you can go  to station “Biblioteka Lenina”
The rail walls of the station is made on a ceramic palate-  the white and black colours. The floor is laid out of the grey granite and  pylons is trimmed with a red marble, decorated with ceramic's bouquets.

Metro Station “Ploshad Revoluzii”

It is a pyloned triple vaulting station of deep location. There are two surface vestibules, one of them is a common hall with metro station “Teatralnaya-and fronts  to “Ploshad Revoluzii”
The second hall leads to “Bogoayavlensky Pereulok” Today the common vestibule uses for a change to “Zamoskvorezkaya” line the second uses only for changes in the opposite direction. 
 A lot of part walls of station hall are decorated with black marble, the floor is laid out of the black and white granite.

Metro Station “Zarizino” is on “Zamoskvorezkaya” line
It took such names by the Reserve Museum “Zarizin”. This station looks like on  “Komsomolskaya”station its wonderful and interesting design. There are many figures of different people of all professions. 

Metro Station “Mayakovskaya” is on “Zamoskvorezkaya” line (1938).
This is the first station of deep location in the world,which depth is 33metre
Thanks to its individuality, this station got the main prize at the “International Show” in New York (1938). In 1980 year the station got a status as the monument of History and Culture, local meaning. During the World War II  many people took the refuge in this station

There are three surface vestibules, they front to the Concert Hall by P.I. Chaykovsky, to the streets “Tverskaya” and “Pervaya Tverskaya-Ayamskaya”
The floor is laid out of the white marble with the grey granite, and the pilars are coated with a ruffle non-rusting steel. The rail walls is decorated a marbl's limestone and the ural's stones.
One of the finest adornment of the station are the smalt pictures devoted to “Soviet People Days”

Metro Station “Botanichesky Sad” is on the “Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line” The Station obtained such names from “The Main Botanic Garden” The station has two vestibule -the North and the South. The North is joined the station hall with a stair, the it leads on the street “Snezhnaya” and “Proezd Serebraykova”. The enter to the South vestibule is in the park on the street “Leonova” and connected to escalator station hall.
In the coating of the station hall is used a white marble, the roof is coated in all breadth by aluminium. The rail walls embellish a picture with films devoted to “Nature” .The floor is laid in a labrodonit and the grey granite. The south vestibule is beautified by sculptural ceramic partere.

Metro Station “Delovoy Zentr"-begin to work  in 2005 year, as the result of  building “Filevskoy” line for the new region “Moscow City”It is situated between the stations “Mezhdunarodnay” and “Kievskay”
Metro Station “Delovoy Zentr” is the triple- bays station of deep location, which is built from monolithic reinforced concrete for the special project.. There are two surface vestibules, one of them leads to “Krasnopresnenskaya naberezhnaya”, another to the Exhibition Complex “Ekspozentr”
The appearance of the station is made in  high-tech style, that's why there are a lot of many interesting steels,non-rusting steels and glasses materials. There is the famous mocsow  gallery “Metro”on the second floor the station .

Moscow metropoliten works from 5.30 a.m. till 13.00.p.m. every day.


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