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Make a tour of Kamchatka

Kamchatka peninsula is divided on several tourist zones. The main city of Kamchatka is Petropalovsk Kamchatsky, which was created in 1740 year. This city is included in the zone of Kamchatsky peninsula Petropalovsk Elizovskaya zone. The main sight Avachinskaya bay. You should visit such place, you can fishing here and admire unusual picturesque places. From the side of volcanoes Viluchinsky, Mutnivsky, Gorely the wonderful view of bays is opened. If one walks up along paths to the hills Petrovskaya, Nikolskaya, Signalnaya, you can see the city as bird's eye view, and also admire a panorama of local port of the Avachinskaya bay. In the east side there is Avachinsko Koryakskaya rangeand snow slope, which are suitable for ski skating. Besides, there are some slopes where the mountain passes are laid as routes Koryaksky, Avachinsky, Koselsky, Aag. Petropalovsk kamchatsky is famed by its thermal spring, having a health power.

The natural zone of park 'Nalichevo is an unusual beautiful park with area 287 197 ha included in the list of cultural heritage and UNESCO. The territory of the park includes the islands of Krashenniokov, called in the honour of famous Russian scientist, who wrote the first book about Discription of Kamchatka. People visit this park with aim of mountain tourism, mountaineering, fishing, rest in thermal springs, ecological tourism.

The park is surrounded by semicircle as active volcanoes (Avachinsky, Koryaksky, Dzendzura) and also extinct volcanoes (Koselsky, Aag, Arik, Kupol, Vershinsky, Urjevsky and others). In order to get to these places, one can use a helicopter. The flight will be 15-20 minutes, also you can come here through the paths. The length of this route is 50 km, it takes two days. Tourists overcame such distance in order to take pleasure of more than 200 health mineral springs, located in the park.

At the territory of this park Nalichevoare dwelled animals and birds, which are included in the Red Book of Russia Federation: brent goose, bighorn sheep, gyrfaclon and sea eagle. Kamchatka is the nesting place of many water birds. In 70 km from Petropalovsk Kamchatsky there is Mutnovsko Viluchinskaya tourist zone, which is full of shallow rivers, going down to the Pacific ocean. Lovers of extreme sport can use a helicopter and see craters. Mutnovsky volcano is one of the interesting volcanoes in the world, it consists of four joined cons, the last one of them has grown on 3323 metres above the sea. Fly over Mutnovsky volcano one may see many streams of geysers, sulfuric cupola, water and gas boilers, and also blue canyon was forced by the river Vulcanaya. At this places there are many others waterfalls.

Sea coast of Mutnovsko Vilucjinskaya zone includes many bays (Saranskaya, Viluchinskaya, Zhirovaya, Russkaya, Berezovaya, Mutnaya, Asacha). Pass routes are laid here along river valleys, through crossings, with climbing on the tops of the volcanoes.

In south of Kamchatka is placed the South Kamchatsky natural park and preserve. Here one can see active volcanoes: Koshelev, Zheltovsky, Ksudach, Iljinsky and many others health springs, including Opalsky, Khodotunsky, Ozernovsky, Pauzhetsky, Ksudachinsky. On the territory of this natural park there is Kurilskoe lake, being a spawning ground salmon. Brown bears and sea eagles live at this place.

Milkovsko Pushinskaya is a tourist balneological zone, placed on the river Kamchatka ,- the main river of the peninsula and have the wide water net. Here are many mountain ranges, lakes, thermal and mineral springs, among them are famous Belovskie, Krasnie Kaskadi, Schapinskie. At this zone is wide developed pedestrian crossings. Near active volcano Kisimen with height 2375 metres, one can see the purest - Sevo, and the best beautiful waterfalls- Andrianovskie. In a village Milkovo is place ethno - cultural center of Kamchadals. It represents itself as reconstructed stockaded town of 17 century, where you can meet with native trade of the first settlements, their utensils, shaman suits. National festivals are carried out at the village, which were created in the old traditions. Preserves Bobrovoe and Taezhny are included in the Milkovsko Puschinskaya zone, here live beavers, swans, otters, sables, lynxes. Zones of Bistrinsky natural park attract ethnographers. In the villages Esso and Avangai - residence place of native population of Kamchatka - eveni. Besides, here you can meet with museum exhibits, where are kept goods, things and clothes. In these villages there are several sing dancing ensembles.

Ust Kamchatko Kluchevaya tourist recreation zone, which occupies all territory of Ust Kamchatko Kluchevaya zone and the north part of Milkovsky districts. At this group is included a natural park Kluchevsky including active and extinct volcanoes. This zone includes the natural park Kljuchevskoi, including the group of the working and extinct volcanoes: Kluchevsky (4835 ), Stone (4575 ), Ushkovsky (4108 ), Krestovsky (3943 ), Acute and Flat Tolbachik (3682 and 3085 ) and others. In total they are 14. In this place there is also the Kamchatka river with a great number of inflows: Tolbachik, Topolovoi, Elovoi, Kozirevsky and many others.

The territory of Aleutsky national district of Kamchatka is placed on the Komadorskie islands and Bering islands. In order to reach to these place you should use a helicopter or ship. On the Komadorskie islands live fur seals, sea lions, sea otters, rare kinds of water birds, seals, dolphins and even cetacea. Here are the biggest waterfalls in Kamchatka with height 200 metres.

Annually the vessels, from which it is allowed to watch animal, dwelling here, and numerous bird colonies, sail up to these islands. Island Toporkovo is famous for its natural resources most of all. Located in settlement Nikolsky the Museum of local lore keeps the most valuable exhibits, which were left after the expedition of Bering. Here one can see Stellerovaya cow, guns from the legendary Berings ship and, at the same time, take pleasure in beauty of the unique headdresses of Aleuts, to look over the samples of the representatives of Kamchatka flora and fauna.

Kronozky-Jupanovsky recreational zone is famous for the Valley of geysers - the unique place in the world, called The pearl of Kamchatka where one can such assemblage of active geysers. Here one can not only see the volcanic activity of the territory (to watch emissions of hot water and steam), but also try salubrious water from numerous springs. There are also falls, mud boilers here. This place is famous for a great number of rivers: the Jupanova, the Karimskaya, the Noisy, the Kronozkaya, the Bogachevka and others where fishers-amateurs can take pleasure in sports fishing. And for those who prefer to admire the nature from height of the bird's flight, The local tourist firms offer those, who prefer admiring the scenery from the hight of bird flight, to go on fascinating air travel by helicopter from which view of both the Valley of geysers, and tundra, volcanos, rivers, lakes, and in particular, one can see one of the most beautiful lakes of Kamchatka the crater lake of the volcano Small Semyachik.


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