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Zolotoe Koltso

The way across ancient town of the Central Russia on the north-east part from Moscow got a big popularity and called Zolotoe Koltso

Towns of Zolotoe koltso is a vivid encyclopedia of Russian ancient architecture. Wonderful landscapes turned out not less exciting sight. On the picturesque banks of the Volga, numerous rivers and lakes there are many wonderful places for picnics. Zolotoe koltso is not only architecture, but also immersion in the atmosphere of a provincial town with its calm, non-vanity, peace. All towns live by particular life in their particular rhythm. For example: in Yaroslavl principle focus of life is in junction of the Volga and the Kotoros.

Right in zolotoe koltso one can see the most interesting architectures, from masterpieces of the Middle Ages, from the magnificent works of classicism to constructions of vanguard belonging to XX century. In XI-XII centuries in the north-east of Russia rapid growth of towns began, and it became apparent in building earth mounds and wooden fortifications and also stone cathedrals. The first stone temples are pedestrian, they impress by its severity.

Each town of Zolotoe koltso has several monasteries in and around it. It created special structure of a town, it seemed, constituted of wide and spacious part and joined, surrounded by walls monasteries. In Suzdal, for example, the whole substance of the town is saturated with ensembles of monasteries. For Russian architecture of the beginning of XVIII century was difficult time. After return of Peter I in Russia from abroad houses were built in a new fashion, but in remote places they were built as of old.

And later it was radically changed. Practically the whole country: towns, ways, villages with estates of noble families acquired new look. Plans of rebuilding towns of Zolotoe koltso were projected. Houses with porticos, columns, resembling antique temples emerged. Till this time in a province such houses can be found.
Traveling about towns of Zolotoe koltso allow seeing the great works of old Russian painting. Painting responded to currents of life.

Many cities and sights of Zolotoe koltso include in the Fund of universal heritage of UNESCO. Zolotoe koltso is one of the popular (as for russian, as for foreign guests) long and profitable tourist way in Russia. One can travel by Zolotoe koltso in any time.

The cities of Zolotoe koltso are found in five regions: Moscow region, Vladimir region, Ivanov region, Kostroma region, Yaroslv region. The eight main cities are part of Zolotoe koltso - Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl Zelensky, Rostov Velikiy, Kostroma, ivanovo, Susdal, Vladimir.

The continuance and price of tour for these cities of Zolotoe koltso depends upon your chosen way. It may be a tour of holiday, as a week tour for the ancient towns.

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Towns of Zolotoe Kolco are a vivid encyclopedia of Old-Russian architecture.


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