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Khakass Republic

Siberia land keeps many legends and secrets, interesting places, where alive the whole history of thi land, nature is represented in a magic space or attracts sinuous paths along to picturesque labyrinths. One of this region in Siberia is the Khakass, here there are many unique ancient monuments and wonderful nature landscapes.

The republic, largely consisting of black-earth steppe, is bounded by the upper Yenisei River on the east and by the wooded Kuznetsk Alatau and Sayan ranges on the west and south, respectively. The Abakan (a tributary of the Yenisei) and Chulym rivers drain the area.

Khakass is placed on the south-west part of East Siberia, the administrative center is of the republic is town Abakan. The republic's swift-flowing rivers provide hydroelectric power, and many of the numerous lakes are sources of therapeutic mineral waters. Mining, forestry, and food processing are the main industries.

At the territory of Khakass are underlined five high rise zones. In the highland there are tundra, Alpine and sub Alpine meadows. Lower is a taiga zone, where prevail such trees as cedar, fir tree, alder tree. At the foothills are many birch trees. This republic boasts rich deposits of various minerals, including copper, gold, marble, jasper, granite. As concerns climate it is a continental here with hot summer and cold winter.

Greenery is various, there are many berries and mushrooms, but animals world is rich too. Bears, roes, elks, wild boars, foxes, ducks, hazel-grouses dwell at this territory. Such animals as red wolf, snow leopard, wild ram are included in the Red Book of Russia. Many birds are suitable for hunting, different kinds of fishes dwell n Khakass waters, more than 30 species the most important of them is a trout, grayling, Siberian sturgeon, taimen.

In spite of industrial factories, which are placed on the territory of the republic, many nature places kept their primordial picturesque beauty. There are many reserves at this territory: Kazanovka, state reserve Khakass, Bogradsky, Yineysky and others.

In the number of nature monuments it should be mentioned such lakes as Shira and Shunet, spring Kluchinsky, Abasinsky pine forest, and others.

Historical-cultural monuments of Khakass is a unique heritage of ancient epochs. Ruins of ancient towns, sanctuary, sepulchres, caves complexes Saralinsky, Ephremkinsky, Batenevsky, Chalpansky, Oninsky, Stoktishsky. There are interesting ancient fortresses, which are still stood ad remarkable monuments of the great history.

The great choice and opportunities for development of tourist routes hunting and fishing, visiting ethnographic and historical museums. Different kinds of walking mountain tours. Being in Khakass you have an opportunity to visit Abakan State Museum of Local Lore,to see a copy of Eifel tower and some orthodox churches.

The biggest archeological monument in Khakss is considered the Big Salbyksky barrow, constructed in IV century B.C.

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