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Khabarovsk sights

Khabarovsk is one of the biggest cities of Russian Far East, an administrative center, cultural and industrial center of Khabarovsk region. And geographically it is occupied the central location on the Far East. The city was placed on the right bank of the river Amur, in the Middle Amur lowland, at the distance of 30 km from China border. According to Russian version, the city was created as military post in 1858 year and named in the name of Russian explorer of XVII century Erophey Khabarov.
Khabarovsk was grunted refugee status of administrative center of the Far East federal district. It was nonrandom choice. At first, Khabarovsk is the second city in the number of the region, and takes four place in occupied territory, secondly, here are placed most quantity of federal and regional offices, thirdly, this city is the cultural center of the region.

Theatres of Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk regional drama theatre. Repertoire of this theatre contains in itself the plays of foreign and native classics, modern writers, in the number of far east writers.

Regional theatre of musical comedy. The theater of musical comedy is the oldest theatre of Khabarovsk. It was created in 1926 year and named the theater of Comical opera. Operettas and musical comedies, which have become the classics of the genre, are staged in it.
Theater Triada is a theater of pantomime, it is very popular among amateurs of theatrical arts. Plays with deep philosophic idea and simply entertaining shows for adults and children are produced on its stage.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Exhibition hall in the name of Fedotov. At this hall are carried out of leading far east artists. Permanently refreshing exposition makes this hall always new and interesting.

Art basement. There is not big comfortable exhibited hall, where are exhibited as famous Khabarovsk artists, as beginners and eve children. At this comfortable hall are often carried out creative meetings.

SKV gallery. Boldness and firmness in convictions, search of thinks, idea's innovation, all of that characterized, this young but interesting gallery.

House of native work. Here are regular are carried out exhibitions different applied art from the North and the Far East region.

Museums of Khabarovsk

The Far East art museum. Here is presented one of the biggest collections of art works in the Far East, including antic art, West Europe art, East art and Russian art.

The museum of local lore in the name of N.I. Grodekova. It is one of the oldest museum in the Far East, was created in 1894 year. There are available several regular expositions: nature, history of pre soviet time and soviet time. At this museum are shown some exhibits, which have world importance. Besides, here one can see collection of rocks, mineral wealth and petrified remains of flora and fauna (before this collections was a part of Khabarovsk geological museum, which is unavailable at present time.
Historic military museum. Exposition of the museum is devoted to formation and development army in the Far East. Here are presented the models of different arming.

The history museum of Khabarosk. This museum is the youngest one, was opened in 2004 year. In the exposition is shown Khabarovsk's history from its creation to present time: pre revolution period, revolution in 1917 year and civil war in Khabarovsk, the time of five year plan, the world War and post war period, perestroika period and modern Khabarovsk.

Temples in Khabarovsk

Temple of Prelate Innokenty Irkustky. This temple is the main Orthodox temple of the city. This oldest church leads its history from 1870 year, At first this temple was wooden, after its decaying, it was rebuilt into stone church. Its refine silhouette was made in style of XVII century churches. But in 30th year of XX cent. this temple suffered from the same fate as others at that time. Divine services were stopped, and for many years these churches were misused. Revival of this temple began in 1991 year, another revival was in 1998 year.

Svyato Preorazhensky cathedral. The opening of this cathedral was in 2004 year. It is the third size temple among Orthodox temples in Russia. Its height is 95 metres from its base to golden cupola.

Temple of St. Seraphim Sarovsky. The Opening of this temple was in 150 anniversary of the capital of Far East. In architecture is presented a style of Russian Orthodox architecture. White look of this temple, crowned golden cupolas of church and bell tower is refined and grand.

There are many interesting monuments, which were created talented sculptors. These monuments tell about significance events and outstanding people, left their marks in the historic past of the city and country.

The monument devoted to N.N Muravjev Amursky. N.N Muravjev Amursky was a state figure and diplomat, general governor of the East Siberia. This man determined Khabarovsk place. This great monument was created by outstanding Russian sculptor A.M. Opekushin author of famous monument devoted A.S. Pushkin in Moscow. Unfortunately, in 20th years of last century was accepted decision to demolish and this monument and take it to the museum of the East Siberia. This monument presented historical and high art significance, it couldn't be kept to present time. And after 60th year was put a question about revival of this monument. But in Russian museum
was kept a model of monument, which served the base for revival of monument. Revival work was made by Petersburg's sculptor A.L. Artistov.

Parks in Khabarovsk

The central park of culture and rest. This park is situated in the picturesque bank of Amur, at the centre of the city. There are entertaining attractions, and disco also are carried out in evenings.

The city park of culture and rest Dinamo. This is a big park, placed at the centre of the city

The city park of culture and rest in the name of Y. Gagarin. This park is a rest place for citizens. There are Khabarovsk sate circus here. The construction of this circus was a major contribution, which have 1300 seats. It is the first fixed circus in Khabarovsk, there is no analogous architecture of this circus in Russia.

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