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Kazan is one of the most ancient cities of Russia. In 2005 years this city celebrated its 1000 years.   It is a capital of the Tatarstan Republic. The city is situated on the left bank of the Volga and it has a quite favorable position.Now population here is 1,138,000 people, and they are of different ethnicity. The city numbers more than 100 ethnicities. Fusion of two cultures eastern and western favourably influenced the development of education in the city.

Kazan is one of the largest economical, political, scientific and cultura centres in Russia, a large industrial and trade centre. The key industries are mechanical engineering, chemical and oil chemical, light and food industry.

There is a port of five seas, a large air craft, railway and cars points, and even metro.Kazan was always the trade mediator between East and West. And today plays an important part in political, economical and international ties.

In Kazan there is an Academy of sciences of the Tatarstan Republic, Kazan center of Academy of sciences of Russian Federation.

Work of such great people as A. Pushkin, T. Shalyapin, L. Tolstoy, N. Lobachevsky and also Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukai, enlighteners Shigabudtin Mardzhany and Kayum Nasiry and many others is connected with the name of the city.

There are 33 mosques and 33 Orthodox temples, a Lutheran church, a Catholic chapel and also a Judaic synagogue.

 The second largest concert hall of Russia is situated in Kazan. The state theaters, the museums, the show-rooms and galleries, the associations of a creative profession contribute to the cultural development of people.

 On the territory of the capital there are a lot of the monuments of history, which have a status of federal significance, republic significance and local significance. 

Among historical sights of Kazan we should mention a wonderful architectural ensemble of the Kremlin keeping features, character for all centuries, and being protected by the UNESCO, and also Blagoveshchensky cathedral. Mosque Kul-Sharif, which has been reconstructed, will play with all colors soon.

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The history of Kazan

In 2005 Kazan celebrated its thousand years. To this notable event have finished a lot of important performances, such as the reconstruction of the Kazan Kremlin, the first line of underground, reorganization municipal economy, appeared a lot of sport complexes.

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Architectural Monuments in Kazan
The city is interesting first of all for its architectural monuments. Orthodox constructions with elements of Moslem ornament, Russian and Tatar constructions are found here. It is better to begin an excursion with the local Kremlin. Its building expanded in 1553 right after capture of Kazan by Russian army.
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Mosques in the Republic of Tatarstan
Today in all district of the Republic of Tatarstan one can admire the wonderful ensembles, which are evidence of spiritual people revival. They reflect some people history, their happy and disaster, some important pages of their spiritual lives.
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More than 70 halls for shows are built in the Winter palace.


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