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Karelia: other kinds of rest

Rest in Karelia is an unforgettable impressions, meeting with wonderful north nature and unique historic cultural nature monuments. There are great opportunities for the developing not only hunting and fishing tourism, but for other its kinds, for treatment and active rest. This place is suitable as for trip lovers as connoisseurs of nature beauty.

The most popular tourist objects on the territory of this republic are the unique architectural and historic - cultural monuments on Kizhy, Valaam and Solovezkie islands, taking part at the list of universally known cultural heritage of UNESCO and being the national property of Russia.

The Kizhy ensemble is the most outstanding monument of ancient North architecture. There are organized vision and thematic excursions. Not less interesting and beautiful nature of these places source inspiration of ancient architecture. Interesting thematic excursion Ecological way, you get an opportunity to pleasure wonderful and picturesque landscapes of the island, see the remains of the last glacier, disappeared 11 thousands years ago, and consequences of the last earthquake, know how various plants and animals world of the island.

Valaamsky archipelago is placed on the north part of Ladozhskoe lake. For many years there was appeared an outstanding landscape architectural complex, and nature is so unique, that in XIX century Valaam became an individual school of landscape art.

During excursion you may meet with history, architecture and way of life of stone cloister, which is the central cloister complex.

There organized some excursion on motor boats. As Balaamsky cloister is available cloister, so people should be worn in special clothes. Women should not come to the territory of cloister in trousers, mini skirts, women need tie a scarf on their heads. Mens should not visit the cloister in shorts, T-shirts and sport wears, but they need take off huts.

The big popularity in Karelia has routes of Belomorskie petroglyphs.

Ecological tours in the national park are interesting too - Vodlozersky, Panayarvy and Kostomukshy.

Vodlozersky park is a fine place for trip and rest. For people, preferring placid rest, there are a country tourism ( convenient houses on the bank of river or lake, far from town), travel on motor boats along the lake and visiting holly places. For active sport amateurs there are laid passed and ski ways different kind of complexity. The most popular tour among tourists is considered a route over the river Ileksa.

The sports water routes are organised over the Karelian rivers Shuya, Tchirka Kemi, Onda, Vodla, Keret and Okhta.

Rafting is a very good kind of rest, magnificent pastimes for those who prefers combing measured and quiet trip on the river with emission of adrenaline during overcoming thresholds and whirlpools. Travel firms of Karelia offer the great number of routes.

Tourists should not worry about safety of the routes: firms offer all equipments, helping to save life. Besides the instructor will always be with you, and this, - besides life jackets, tents for spending the night, pile accessories, the insurance and much other. And before each drafting the skills of steering the raft on the reach section of river. But above all - the age for rafters is unlimited and time for fishing is given. As a rule, rafting lasts about five days. Though there is also one day rafting, calculated on two hours, for the laziest and spoilt by city life tourists .

By the way, Karelian tour agencies offer raftings both by rafts, and also by catamarans. The last concern to an exclusive kind of rest on water for which one will have to pay about seven thousand from a person. The route of trip in catamarans under a sail runs on the picturesque Unitskaya bay and Kizhsky skerries, to the second-largest lake of Europe the Onega.

For those who prefer the ground to the water, tour agencies of Karelia offer the tours in jeeps. Such way of travelling pays for itself, as it is easier to reach the reserved places of Karelia by off-road cars as almost all places, impassable for a usual automobile, are accessible to them.

Due to jeeps tourists can see the most beautiful waterfalls of Karelia, the largest lakes, the century virgin woods, the deserted iron mines and adits, chapels, churches, ancient villages. It will take a week to see all this just for so many days the routes are planned. Similar routes are overcome on quadracycle. Quadracycle is a mini-landrover with 4 driving wheels. At will of a person it can be the aggressive and uncompromising cross-country vehicle or, on the contrary, obedient and safe transport for quiet walks in the wood. At any time of year, in any weather and not depending on the presence of special training this small cross-country vehicle can give pleasure to each tourist!

In winter the tourists, arriving to Karelia, can take pleasure in skiing which has two variants: one may pass over the routes both on skis, and on snowmobiles. On the whole, the ski track is built for snowmobiles on the places, distant from roads, on the glades, in the wood, on ice of lakes, sometimes on the timber-carrying roads. Day time passages do not exceed 25 km, and, in principle, they are not difficult to a person with average physical training for overcoming. The time on the way does not exceed 5 hours a day, stops for resting are done every 20-30 minutes. It is an opportunity to have tea from the thermos and have a bite. The tourists things are transported, as a rule, on the snowmobile with sledge or on the automobile. Each group is accompanied with the guide - translator who knows every place of halt, and for overnight rest he leads the tourists to the recreation centers or to the small guest houses.

On the defined area of water of Onezhskoe lake is carried out the Annual Onezhskaya regatta of cruiser yachts national sailing championship. It is the largest sailing championship in Russia. About two weeks the yachtsmen overcome a distance of 500 nautical mile. At this regattas take part the yachts from Karelia, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Tver, Samara and other Russian towns, and also neighbouring Finnland.

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