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Kamchatka is a unique part of the Earth, where nature keeps itself in natural wild condition. Only here one can see the primitive landscapes and nature civilization. Kamchatka is a region of volcanoes, geysers and thermal springs. Natural resources of Kamchatka region are inimitable in its variety.

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The Kamchatka Peninsula
Settling Kamchatka began about 15 thousand years ago. In spite of the fact that the question about the migration of peoples in the Kamchatka peninsula isnt investigated yet, for today it is known for certain, that the first immigrants are the ancient hunters, the remote ancestors of North American Indians, small part of which going to the coasts of Northern America through Kamchatka and Chukotka, decided to settle down in the peninsula.
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Fishing has become the important trend of tourism in Kamchatka. Rivers, seas and the seacoasts are teemed with various fish species. It is probably the only place, where all the six species of Pacific salmon, flat-fish, cod, various species of crabs, a number of river fish.
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Kamchatka is the most bearregion in Russia, as number of this animal makes up about 12-15 thousand individuals in the peninsula. The saeson of the hunting lasts 2 periods: since 04.25 to 05.25 in spring and since 09.20 to 12.15 in autumn. The best trophy for hunters is to get fell and skull of an animal.
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Make a tour of Kamchatka
Kamchatka peninsula is divided on several tourist zones. The main city of Kamchatka is Petropalovsk Kamchatsky, which was created in 1740 year. This city is included in the zone of Kamchatsky peninsula Petropalovsk Elizovskaya zone. The main sight Avachinskaya bay. You should visit such place, you can fishing here and admire unusual picturesque places
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The Flora of Kamchatka

The numerous researches, carried out in this area, have shown, that appearance of the gigantic plants in the peninsula should be connected with numerous hot and cold springs of Kamchatka, the waters of which contain much salts and microcells. Probably, therefore other gigantic plants are found in the peninsula . For example, this place is suitable for transplanting different sorts of grain cereals. "Revived" by the tasty water they grow higher. Nevertheless this feature of the peninsula has not made it the new granary of Russia.

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