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It is the only town of the republic Altai, which is placed in 5 km from the Katun's bank, near the valley of the river Maima among not high mountain slopes. In 19th century on the place of the town was a small village with a name Ulala (in the translation is meant mountain slopes). Russian missionaries came to this village, and after them followed merchants, the village became developing. After interlunation of revolution and civil war, this village got a status as town in 1928 year. And only in 1948 year was renamed in Gorno-Altaysk.

Today the population of Altai region is about 520 people. Here is the government and popular assembly - El Kurultai. It is small, but pure town. There are many beautiful places, which were built in the post war times. On of the main sight of the town is the Republic Museum of local lore in the name of A.V. Anukhin the oldest building of culture of the Republic Altai. This museum was created in 1918 year. Here are kept the unique collections of first students of local history Gulayevs. This museum consists of the biggest collection of artistic and graphic works of first Altai artist G. I. Tchorus-Gurkin.

And the other sight of the town is the National Drama Theater of the Republic Altai is a cultural center for all town. Theater was created in 1978 year. The first theatrical season was opened by performance of P. Kuchiyaka. The best works of Russian and foreign dramaturgy is in the repertoire of theater.

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