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The city is situated on the bank of the Black sea at the Gelendzhik bay, formed by 2 capes Tonkiy (Thin) and Tolstiy (Thick). It is situated in 176 km to the south-west from Krasnodar, in 46 km to the south of railway station of Novorossiysk. Gelendzhik resort zone consolidates settlements in the riverside from Kabardinka to Arhipo-Osipovka. The population of the zone makes up 86 thousand people, 53 thousand of them live in Gelendzhik.
Winter in Gelendzhik is warmer and softer, than in Novorossiysk, and summer is arider than in Sochi. The average annual temperature of air is + 13.7 C. The average temperature of water in the bay during bathing season makes up + 24 C. The sky is almost always cloudless. In is seldom raining. The most rainy months are January, March, May and the beginning of June. It is sometimes bora but the north-east wind blows more seldom and weakly, than in Novorossiysk. It usually rages in winter.


Favourable climate of Gelendzhik and its convenient bay had been attracted people since great antiquity. The first settlements here were founded not less than 4 thousand years ago. In 6 century B.C. here there was Greek colony Torik. In middle centuries and right up to end of the Caucasian war here Adigeya tribes of shapsugs and natuhaevtses dwelled.
In 1831 Russian army founded fortress Gelendzhik, like Anapa, left and fired in course of the Crimean war of 1854-1856. In 1857 the fortress was restored and in 1864 in its place station Gelendzhikskaya was founded. In 1915 Gelendzhik received the status of city.

The characteristic feature of Gelendzhik a bay, on which it stands. The bay has the form of horseshoe. The capes protect it from storms of the open sea, owing to which water in the bay warms up well and slowly gets cold. The temperature of the water in the Gelendzhik bay is always 2-3 C warmer than sea water. The bathing season opens in May and lasts till the middle of October. Resorts of the Gelendzhik zone stretch along the coast on the narrow stripe, cut off from the continent by low Marhotsky mountain range, spurs of which here and there reach the sea and break down as 100-200 m rocks.

From the beginning of 20 century in Gelendzhik a resort business begins to develop. Dachas, specializing in treatment of pulmonary diseases, including tuberculosis, which had been cured yet before discovery of antibiotics in these climatic conditions, are built. In 1913 here the first sanatorium for children, suffering from bone tuberculosis, was opened.

In the Second World war time Gelendzhik became front and its convenient bay with a small port and berths the main base of small fighting cutters of the Black Sea Fleet. The city played the main role in liberation of Novorossiysk. During the war the city becomes a hospital its sanatoriums and rest homes accommodated over 20 army hospitals and sick quarters, in which wounds from Novorossiysk and other participants of battles for the Northern Caucasus were brought.

After the war the resort economy of Gelendzhik was restored rapidly. By the end of 1980-s the beginning of 1990-s every year the city received up to 1 million 200 thousand holiday-makers. In post-perestroika years Gelendzhik turns into a sea port but public opinion prevented its realization. After a long-term discussion and overall studying of the project a city referendum was carried out. It took a decision not to build a port, threatening ecology of the bay, but to develop the resort. By the beginning of XXI century in the city 185 enterprises of resort business work: sanatoriums, pensions, rest homes, tourist centers.

Walk about the city

The city amazes with quiet and moderate atmosphere. Fresh air, filled with aroma of pines, which form real small woods within the precincts of the town. In the square at the administration there is a memorable stone with a thank to citizens who with united efforts built a quay of the city, which became a real decoration of the resort and determined an architectural style of similar constructions: figured paving slab and white balustrade, made in style art-décor.
Now the quay stretches through the pine-wood from the water park to the sight lighthouse, building continues and in future prospects the whole bank of the bay from Tolstiy to Tonkiy cape will be organized in the same way. Along the whole length of an ideal for promenades places there are trading pavilions, cafes, restaurants, tasting rooms, coin-box telephones, points of foto printing. Besides that here there are several notable objects.

On the south-east from the building of administration, in the direction to Tolstiy cape there are: I&R boards, a shopping center with a supermarket of Magnit net, café Platan, situating on the place of Sherbins estate and encircled with secular platans, monument To the first health-resort visitor, a small park with side-shows and a childrens railway. The beach is made of sand. The beach was inwashed in 1980-s by using of sand from the bottom of the bay. On the beach there is a water park.

On the north-west from the building of administration in the direction of Tonkiy cape there is a building of the sea station. On the façade there is a poster with ads about love to the city.

Farther there is a monument to M. J. Lermontov (Russian poet) and Lermontovs bridge. Citizens are sure that it was his favourite place for rest. While walking the pine-wood, the poet was standing on the bank, admiring the water smooth surface. The sculpture carved him in this way: with hands on chest with thoughtful sight.

The following monument, representing a sculptural group of men with spiritual faces, lifting up on the high pedestal, is devoted to defenders of Soviet power in Gelendzhik. Blind beacon represents the detached house in modern style with stained-glass windows. On the turret, built on to the building, a leading light a metallic box with jalousies, closing lamps of red and green color, is assembled. When the ship passes by Tonkiy cape a skipper sees green light, while passing folding gates the red light is seen.

Behind the blind beacon the city quay ends with the cue, laid with figured tablet: The sun smiles to Gelendzhik. It is always quiet in Gelendzhik. There are few newcomers.

Ah, carnival, carnival

Perhaps the only time when it is crowded in Gelendzhik is the very beginning of June, when the city opens resort season with a traditional carnival. The carnival has been organized already for 25 years and could acquire its characteristic features. It begins with a dramatized parade, the holiday enters the night and scatters about the city. The carnival in Gelendzhik is a cult action for Kuban students. As is customary to consider that if a man as ever been in the carnival, he will go in Gelendzhik if not always but minimum until he has children.
Another traditional mass action, though gathering a little bit other public, - August hydro air show. Every year this show gathers business elite of the country. Those who is not going to buy themselves or their beloved firm a new winged vehicle, may observe the enchanting sight during almost a week.

A pleasure peculiarity of Gelendzhik is its safety. All newcomers undergo computer registration. And it is very difficult to enter Gelendzhik as invisible being. Computer registration allows the local police office to control law-obedience. Moreover private owners of flats are also inured to register guests. An unregistered lodger is an awful headache in conditions of eternal tax and police checks.

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