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Moscow bridges

In such city as Moscow, the city, appeared in junction of two meandering rivers, crossing its whole territory, and the great role belongs to quays. Not by chance they say that soul of a city is its bridges poetic peoples works, in which engineering calculation is organically alloyed with harmony of architectural forms. Many these grandiose constructions have many-century history.

The oldest bridge Lefortovsky

was built in 1777 and the bridge at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was recently 1 years old. The Dvortsoviy bridge is the first stone bridge across the Yauza, which was built in 1779 in connection with building the palace of Catherine II in Lefortovo, very close to the river. The bridge was projected by architecture S. Yakovlev.

The Borodinsky bridge,

which was built in 1912 by project of architecture R. Klein by a centenary of the Borodinskaya battle and rout of Napoleons army. Severe and harmonious forms of the entrance propylaea in the spirit of Russian classicism are made of grey granite with bronze armors. With the aim to intensify this effect the entries into the side granite staircases and bridge piers were made in form of fighting bastions. Construction of the metrobridge speeded up reconstruction of Smolenskaya quay, about which in 1938 one of researchers wrote: ways to the bridge are pressed by plain old pre-revolutionary buildings, creating dissonance with the architecture of the bridge. It was decorated in 1957 by the first Moscvoretsky bridge of the post-war years Kalininsky of 43 m width and almost half a kilometers length. The bridge has an unbroken construction, applied in Moscow for the first time, and unusual piers-colonnades.

Moving forward, reach Bolotnaya square. Now here a beautiful ensemble with various sculptures and fountains are situated. And former very long ago a low bank of the river in these places turned into a bog. Later after a large flood a drainage channel was built along the old channel, and in 1994 a bridge was built across it (people call it bridge for kisses.

In front you see Maliy stone bridge. It was built in 30-s of the previous century in the place of other older one. Above water of the channel an arch towers; patterned rails are made of cast iron. The bridge will lead you to the very heart of the city. In front the towers of the Moscow Kremlin are visible already. But turn to the other side, to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The bridge here was built recently, and despite its imposing sizes (about 200 m of length) looks quite graceful and light. Not far another pedestrian bridge Andreevsky is situated. It connected Neskuchniy garden with Frunzelskaya quay. Not so long ago it was a railway bridge, on which loaded trains. And it was situated not in its present place, but a kilometer and a half higher along the river. But trains stopped to move and the old construction was dragged to the new place and repaired, keeping the appearance of the architectural monument of the beginning of XX century, and some novelties were added.

With the development of house-building in the South-West of the capital, when it was required to prolong Frunzenskiy radius of the Metro and to build a new radial highway Komsomolsky broad street, connecting it with Vernadsky broad street, strong necessity in a bridge, which would connect Luzhniki with Leninsky hills, appeared.

This problem was solved by a two-tier bridge the only in the capital. It is the most extensive bridge across the Moskva-river. Its length with piers makes up 1179 m, and counting from the beginning of the embankment on the left bank to the end of the earth hollow on the right bank 2030 m.

If you are tired of the long walking, no matter, you can climb up the bridge by escalator. The middle of it is closed by a gauzy cupola, protecting from the bad weather, and in the part which passes over Neskuchny garden, a tunnel was made of patterned wooden railings.

Moscow bridges are not only the result of talented engineering thought, but also remarkable works of architecture.

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