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Biysk the gate of Mountain Altai

The second size town in Altai region is Biysk, which is situated near river Bii. This is the only town, created by beyond Ural and by the decision of Peter the Great. In 2009 year this town celebrates its birthday of 300 years.

In 1709 year in the confluence of two rivers Bii and Katun was laid Bikatunskiy stockaded town, which was built in order to protect south Russian boundaries from invaders. But lately it was burnt, and after several years was built Bii stronghold. In the beginning of 50th years of XVIII century it is was the main stronghold of defence. At the end of XVIII century with peace times, this stronghold got a status of the town and trade deals were rapidly developed. Biysk became a biggest trade center of the south of Siberia, which carried on trade with England, France and German.

With a history of Biysk such famous names are closely connected as V.M. Shukshin, V.V.Bianca, V.Ya. Shishkov, they were heroes of the Patriotic War in 1812 year. Tchuisky route is the main trunk road, all roads lead to the rest town Belokirikha and Telezkoe lake. Biysk was included in the list of historical cities of Russia Federation. This town has an individual architectural look, the town of monuments. Here there are 272 monuments of architecture, history and culture, about 50 monuments of archeology, and 11 monuments of nature.

Near Biysk is originated the great river Ob. By legend, here was the place where was concealed the Golden peasant woman a holy idol for many pagan tribes. The famous artist N.K. Rerich considered, that sometimes will be the time of the last battle between the Good and Evil at this place, and right here must be determined the fate of human civilization.

In Soviet times and present days Bysk is the important town of Altai region, the biggest industrial, science-educational and cultural center with a population about 230 people. The last years Biysk rapidly gains a modern look, not losing historical individuality.

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