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The town Barnaul is a capital of the Altai region, which was created in 1730 year.

The place of confluence two rivers Ob and Barnaulka was chosen for construction of smeltery factory. This place was very suitable and this new factory was rapidly developing. But soon the production of silver was prohibited by private factory owners. This factory became the private property of Empress Elizabeth. In 17771 year Barnaul got a status of mountain town? The only town in Siberia and the second after Yekaterinburg. After prohibition on silver production, Barnaul was turning into merchant's town. It was the biggest commercial and industrial center of Siberia, continuing to be the center of cultural and science thought.

This town was suffered from fire, earthquake, inundation, revolution and civil war. During the World War II many big factories were evacuated to this town.

At the beginning of XX century Barnaul had a population over 650 thousand peoples, with developing infrastructure, modern and beautiful town. It will be interesting to visit many sights of the town for guests, visit theaters and museums, concert halls and meet with architectural monuments. Barnaul is located on the right bank of the river Ob, in the one of the biggest river of Russia and Eurasia. This town is an administrative center of Altai, capital of largest tourist region with good perspectives for further development.

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The hot spring is the only place in Russia, combining medicinal properties of mineral waters of Essuntuky type and hydrosulfide baths of Sochi-Modest type.

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