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The Baikal

God gave a look: the land turned off not caressing It can be offended by the creator!... And in order it not to take offence, he covered it not with a bedding for feet, but the measure of his bounties, by which he measured, what and how far from him is to be. The measure fell and turned into the Baikal.

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Flora of the Baikal
According to scientists researches, on the coast over 3 thousand types of plants grow. For example: pulsatilla patens, snowdrop. Snowdrop is often founded on the shores of the Baikal. Yellow poppies grow on the pebbly shores and spits of the Baikal; rose-bay or sally-bloom is one of the first plants inhabiting fresh site of fire. Rowan grows here even on sandy shore banks. Potentilla, or prairieweed, is founded both in taiga folds and on the coastal of the Baikal.
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Winter rest on the Baikal

Winter is that season, when a great opportunity presents itself  in oder to see wonderful iced rocks and take the air, try ice-fishing or ski skating and even if you wish harness the huskies. Lake Baikal is the unique phenomenon in our world. We can say the same to the Baikal winter. It isn't so sever as somebody considers. In summer the large water masses get warmed and keep plenty of warm. That is why winter on the Baikal is softly, than on other parts of Siberia.

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The great and enigmatic lake with soul of an ocean
Lake Baikal is placed on the south part of East Siberia, it is the deepest lake of our planet, the largest nature reservoir of sweet water. The lake and coast territories differ the unique variety of flora and fauna. Local people historically name this lake Baikal as a sea.
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Fauna of the Baikal
In the world there is no other lake, biological variety of which is so great and unique. As Russian writer A. P. Chehov Strength and charm of the taiga consists not in trees-giants and not in the deathly silence but in the fact that migrant birds know, where it ends.
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Water Rest on the Baikal
Hundreds species of lobsters and sea worms dwell on the lake. Most of them have various sizes and colours. As concerns large lobsters, acantohamarus and caringohamarus are often met at the lake, mounting to 10 cm at length. If one have a luck, one can meet a giant planarium Baikaloplana, mounting to 40 cm at length.
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The Round Baikal Railway
The round Baikal railway is a historic railway in Irkutsk region, it is an unique monument of engineer art, one of the more picturesque sights of Near baikal. The line length of railway is 89 km comes along north coast of south finish point of Lake Baikal from the town Sludyanka to the village Baikal of over south part of Okhlinsky plateau. Till middle XX century the RBR was considered to be a part of Transsib.
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The Republic Buryatia
The republic Buryatia was constituted on the 30th of May of 1923. The republic Buryatia is a subject of Russia Federation and includes in Siberia Federal region. The administrative and cultural centre is Ulan-Uede. The territory makes up 351.3 thousand km. Buryatia is situated in the eastern part of Siberia, southward and eastward of Baikal lake.

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National parks and reserves
The idea of forming national parks was suggested in 1832 by American scientist and artist George Katlin. National parks in Russia began forming only in 1970-s. The first reserve in Russia was the Bargusinsky resreve.
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 Irkutsk is one of few cities of Russia where quantity of sunny hours per a year exceeds 2000. Vegetable meadows, piny-woody, piny-birch forests, birch groves stretch spaciously around Irkutsk. The city consists of 5 areas:
Kirovsky area a historical and modern center of the city. Almost all administrative offices, theaters, museums, libraries, monuments of architecture are situated here.
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