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Volga Region resorts.

Volga Region resorts.

Volga region is stretched on 400 thousand km2, occupy a place from the east-european plain to near the Caspian lowland. Region climate is multifarious, from a temperate in Nizhni Novgorod to continental droughty in Astrakhan region. The average temperature in January is 12 C, winter is cold and continued. Relief feature is flatted with the lowlands and highlands, covered by forest, forest-steppe, and steppe.

Saratov Region

Khvalinsky ski resort.

In the northern region of Saratov and on the right bank of the Volga is located in a small town Khvalinsk. The silent and convenient town is famous of its picturesque mountains, relic pine-trees forest and  taste water. At this place of Volga region highlands is 379m above the sea .

Khvalinsk ski resort offer a complex active winter rest: ski traces, ski and snowboards for different taste and ski-skills, and also ski training  for beginners and children. As for beginners and  sportsmen will suitable everywhere.
During several seasons, Khvalinsky ski resort uses the system of artificial snow.

 Ski Recreation centre Roscha

Ski recreation centre Roscha is situated at the unique place of Saratov, in the deep forest close by centre of the town:30 minutes by car or an another common transport.
There is sport school for ski,  lessons are conducted by ski sportsmen.
On the recreation work four ski traces-450m, the altitude drops 110m, three ski-lifts.

Samara Region

Ski complex and snow are situated in 17 km from airport Kurumoch and 30 km at a distance of railway station near with a village Krasnaya Glinka Ski season continues November-April.
The hight drop-170m. Common extension of the traces -3 km. The four traces : :Zentralny sklon-750m, Severny sklon- 700m, Uzhny sklon-1000m. The training trace : snowboard-park, baby lift,lighted in the darkness, ski jumps, quoter pipe, half-pipe- in length and hight-3m.

Nizhni Novgorod region

Ski Recreation centre Khabarskoe

Having gone 40 minutes from Nizhni Novgorod, we come to Snow Kingdom. There are much snows here, mountains and pure air. Recreation centre Khabarskoe have a lot of  well lighted traces. Ski season continues to April. In the evenings the traces are lighted, because there are many night ski lovers. If you have no any ski skills, instructors help you and study to ski. There is a special kindergarten, where they are studied by ski.
20 ski traces in length from 400m to 1000m and common extension 7,5 km. The altitude drops  100-120m. Width of the slope 200-1000m. All of slopes are provided with lifts raising to 5000 people during an hour.

Ski complex Novinki  
Novinki is situated in 7 km from Nizhni Novgorod on a picturesque bank of the river Oka, on  the trace  Nizhni Novgorod Bogorodsk. Ski complex have well lighted ski descending and trace for children (its length 220m)
Traces for adults are divided into several types. The Central trace is for prepared people, its length 720m. Sport trace is for free style lovers and extreme descendings, its length 685m. Trace for snowboarders and free riders- 685m. Trace for amateurs and beginners-1100m.
There are three seat lifts in this complex., both for adults-the training on the central trace,and bugel on the sport trace. And third uses for children.


Ski complex Kazan is situated among a junction of the rivers (Sviayaga and Volga), in 35 m at a distance of  Kazan. The attractive peculiarity of this complex is in northern orientation of the slops, which with  a climate and artificial snow prolongs the winter period.
Ski descendings are used by beginners and masters. There are nine traces from 800m to 1800m, with the altitude drops from 160m to 190m. For beginners there is a school, and for children there is a  babylift.
Ski sport in Volga region develops and grows. Many ski complexes are waited for guests, and  other  
continue to build, check some equipment, safety,in other words prepare for ski season. 



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