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Ural ski resorts

Ural ski resorts (Abzakovo resort, Solnechnya dolina)

Ural is an ancient mountain system on the territory of Eurasia, extended on thousands kilometres, and has a rich nature. South and Middle Ural are more available parts of mountain range and most interesting for lovers of active sport. There are mountain tops with height more thousands metres, steep slopes, beautiful forests, silent light rivers, and serious caves.

South Ural

Unusually beautiful nature of South Ural, cool pure air with needles aroma, health climate with bright sunny days add this rest an unique colour. On South Ural are not high alpic peaks, but there are tops, which rising on thousands meters above see level.

Abzakovo ski resort

Abzakovo ski resort is located on the south-east of Bashkiria, at a distance of 30 km of town Belogorezk, and at a distance of 60 km of Magnitigorsk.

The popularity of this resort grows thanks to wonderful ski complex. Mountain's skis is one of the popular and prestige look of winter rest in Ural. That's why there are a lot of people at this resort.

But the main sensory acuity are presented to skiers by night ski driving, which are organised in the definite days of week along good lighted trace with length about 1,5 km. The system of artificial snow take an opportunity keep of nature's caprice and increase ski season. Season continues at the end of November to May.

There are fifteen traces in all category including 4 FIS-traces for slalom and giant slalom. The slopes are served by five modern bugel lifts with total carrying capacity 4300 men in an hour and pair-seat lift reaching tourist from hotel complex to the highest peak of ski driving region.


Zavjyalikha is a name of Ural mountain.

Ski resort Zavjyalikha is located at the picturesque forest place,at a distance of 12 km from town Trekhgorny-Tchelyaabinsk region.

For lovers of active winter sport are prepared nine traces different level of complexity with altitude drops from 50m till 430m, with extension 2200-2980m. Mountainside for beginners have a special safety rope lift.

The pride of this ski resort is a rapid sia seats lift Konrad with folding safety roof and landing race-track. With beginners work prepared instructors.


Ski center is situated on picturesque mountainsides Mratkino in the region Belirazk, and has the same name.

Mratkino -is a mountain, which has absolute height 806m and comparative height 530m, altitude drops to 300m. For amateurs of ski sport are offered five traces different complexity and trace for children. On ski traces are four rope towed roads.

Fresh forest air fortified needles plants, bright sun and wonderful ski traces will your friends during the whole rest time. Mratkino is the mountain, which become overgrown of pine-trees, with extension 2300m. As was written in Bazhov tales you can see in that region the malachite sea in pinery in shimmering snow-white hats.

Egoza Mountain

Egoza mountain is the highest point chain of mountains on the west part of Kishtim, situated at a distance of 150 km of Eketerinburg. Height is 807m above sea leve. There are three north-east orientation with total length - 4600m, including the traces for beginners, extreme men, children, and

also for snowboarders. Slopes are served by bugel T-types lift.

Ski resort Solnechnaya Dolina

This resort is one of the best places for rest on South Ural in winter period. The complex is placed on mountain Izvestnaya, belonging to famous Ural range Ilmen-Tau of the town Miassa.

The resort Solnechnaya Dolina was opened in 2001 year and has a lot of popularity among citizens and tourists. Season continues November-April.

There are seven traces different complexity, and suitable as experienced men, as beginners. Total extension-4200m, altitude drops-220m,served by eight lifts.

Zlatoust town

Zlatoust is one of the ancient town on South Ural, situated at a distance of 140 km of Tchelaybinsk and 280 km of Ekaterinburg.

Nature is generously reward with unique beauty, puts together forest and mountains. Zlatoust is among two boarders Europe and Asia, on the height 450m above sea level, by foot tree mountain ranges: Urenga, Ural-Tay, Taganai. Long winter, much snow, picturesque mountainsides- all of that make for health rest. Ski driving season continues November-April. The trace of mean complexity 800-1200m, altitude drops 150m.

Vishnevaya Mountain

Vishnevaya mountain is placed on the west slope of Ural range in the town Vishnegorsk.

There are five various traces, both of the are the main with length 1100-1200m, altitude drops is about 200m. Besides them, to the right and to the left, there are two more narrow traces joined at the end with others. The traces begin from mountain's peak, you can reach a speed to 70-80km/h. You can choose any trace what you like and take a great pleasure.

This slope is served by two bugel T-types lifts.

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