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Unsolicited advice for hitch-hikers

You dream on travel, but you usual ways bored you, and you want something unusual, something interesting and extreme, so you have the simplest way to run away wherever you want, just use the hitch-hiking way.
Don't scare, our advices help you, we tell you briefly, how to become a hitch-hiker.

The main issues are that: what you should take with you, how to stop passing cars, where better to stay for overnight, and what to eat?.
What can traveler need in the journey? Rucksack, passport, sleep bag are need for him. It would be better to take with you tourist's cup, spoon, pen, clean clothes, atlas of roads, paper and matches.
The list can be continued, but  it is necessary to pay attention on their necessity.

Don't forget to think about your route, in oder to hitch-hikers will able to help you. You ought to set  the connection between your relatives, for instance, take with you a mobile phone, and you can send to them a message or call.    
If you decide to became the hitch-hiker, you should go out the trace and stop the passing cars. If you  go far away, it would be better for you to take a list of paper with the town's name, which you want to visit.
Soon you stop a car, open car-door, and happy say Hello, could you bring me to... As a rule drivers at once  agreed to bring you free or tell you the price, or refuse you.
Even the driver refuses you, don't worry, say to him Thank you, closed the door, and go to meet another car.
All depend upon your oratory skills. If the driver stops to spend an overnight, you'll have two choices, the first you may go to the nearest village, while the sun shines, and to ask somebody to spend the overnight. But if you can't meet kind people, who can help you with your overnight, you should go to the forest and take your sleep-bag. 

What can you eat? It depends on money which you have. Along traces there are a lot of coffe-houses for drivers, you may eat there. If you don't like to eat in different coffe-houses, you'd better take with you some groats. Only don't drink any alcohol. You must be sober-minded man, in oder to control the situation on the traces.
Tell your relatives the place, where you want to go- give them the full information ,don't scare to communicate with pollice. You are a free traveler, but not a terrorist, and you have a right to stay  in any town.
         We hope that our advices help you to become a true hitch-hiker.

                                              Good luck!

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