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Ski resorts in Kamchatka

Ski resorts in Kamchatka

Kamchatka is a vast mountain peninsula on the north- east Asiatic part of Russia, on the west is washed by the Sea of Okhotsk, on  east by the Pacific Ocean and  the Bering Sea. There are snowy there at the period of time October-November, in some region snow lays to June. Least time in Kamchatke develop an active extreme sport and tourism. As if volcanoes are turned into ski descendings by nature.

Natural ski descendings
Avachinsk group of volcanoes are situated on the south-east of Kamchatka, and consist of five volcanoes in the northern direction. The most east  is an extinct volcano Kozelsky, from it there are the active volcanoes Avachinsky and Korayaksky in the north-east direction.

In the north-east direction are situated the extinct volcanoes Akrik and Aag. People mountaineer on three main volcanoes -Avachinsky, Korayaksky, Kozelsky)

Avachinsky volcano is one of the best place for ski. Its absolute height is 2741m above sea level, it has a complex features. On of the main advantages for skiers is a closeness to the town (25km), as           
the helicopter's payment by the hour.
People are interested tis volcano in the view of ski and Alpinism.
Kozelsky volcano. The absolute height is 2189m altitude. This volcano differs from Avachinsky volcano pitted with grooves. There are many rock parts here in oder to do extreme jumps.

Korayaksky volcano. Its absolute height is 3456m altitude. Two ices are situated on the northern and eastern mountainsides. This mountainsides are enough steep: at the topping of titling about the edge reach 30-35 degree.
For mountaineering needs a special alpic preparation, and ability to work with a special outfit.

Viljuchinsky volcano has the long snow lobby. Descending is possible to the end of June. Step slope is 35 degree. Maximum length is 6km.
Popular ski traces
Slalom traces are begun with some houses of the town Petropalovsk-Kamchatsk. The most attractive are situated on the mountains Moroznaya and Krasnaya sopka.
 Mountain Moroznaya
One of the popular ski centre in Kamchatka. The mountain Moroznaya it isn't a rest place,but also training and ski competition place. There are two bugel lift, which served five ski traces different level of comlexity. You can train and perfect your ski facility, and also do the first steps. The members of Russian ski teams train here.

Krasnaya sopka is placed in one part of the town  Petropalovask-Kamchatsk. There are three lifts: two- bugel,one is rope. The trace length is 975m, altitude drops-300m, the topping - 418m. But the most attractive is a view, which you see during the whole descending. Appeared some illusion to fall into the sea.

Helli-ski resorts

is for that who interested in free-ride to virgin slopes. During all way you will be accompanied by men of experience. Helli ski resorts continue from 1 to 8 days. One day is a reserve day in case of bad wheather or driving to beloved tops. In one day you can do no more two driving.

 Mountains Vochkazhez
 You can fly to the region Vochkazhez (absolute height-1556m) and unnamed tops, which height is 1000m. 5-8 slopes of descending drop 600-800m.
Voljuchinsky volcano
Arrival to the helicopter's area and flight to  Viljuchinsky volcano. Absolute height is 2175 m, maximum altitude drops 1600m, descending of eastern mountainside with the altitude drops are 1000-1200m.Flight to the Pacific ocean. There are some descendings from nameless peaks with the altitude drops 600-1000m. One rise to the height to1500m takes up 15 minutes,  more 1500m takes up 20 minutes. Return to Petropalovsk.

Knolls Barhatnaya Goryachaya

To rise to these knolls Barhatnaya and Goryachaya possible only with the use of a helicopter .
 Height of the knoll Barhatnaya is 870m, and Goryachaya - 721m. On them there are  five-eight slops with altitude drops 600-800m.
Kamchatka it is a paradise for ski lovers and, who wants to try something new, unusual, try to solve nature's secrets,  combining with dizzy ski mountainsides.

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