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Ski resorts in Central part of Russia (Sorochani, Borovsky Kurgan, sport park Volen)

These ski resorts are prefered by beginners. In some region you may continue to ski to May.

Mzensk (Orlovskaya region)

The pension ZYL
The pension ZYL is one of the traditional ski centre of the town, which is situated  in 320 km from Moscow. The pension is settled on the river's Zuschy bank, where before a noble farmstead was.  You may find 10 traces with extension about 12 thousand metres, which are served by lifts.  The total extension of the traces are over 4 km. The length of separate descending is 300-600m with the altitude drops 50-80m There are traces with a steepness and profiles for beginners and ski-men of experience. There are also a special sorted  traces for competitions, and lighted trace for lovers to ski in the evenings. To conduct some lessons for adults and children.

Near Moscow ski resorts
With rush tourists make use of Near Moscow ski resorts. Near Moscow is a place  with wonderful and  magic nature, there are a lot of coniferous and mixed  forests, rivers, lakes, high mountains and even caves. And all of that you may see at a range no more 2-3 hours by cars from Moscow Kremlin. Average temperature in January is -10C.

Ski resort Sorochany
In 54 km from Moscow at the ecological clean zone of Dmitrievsky region is situated a large modern all-the-year round resort  of Near Moscow. On its large territory is placed a big artificial   created mountain in Near Moscow. This marvel of engineers are appeared as a result of the increasing the base mountain on 30 m.
On mountainsides are laid seven traces with height altitude 70-90m.and with length 400-1000m, they are suitable for beginners and professionals. At your service double and four rope seats road, towed lift, and bugel rope road.
Instructors of the international class conduct lessons, and can conduct with children.

Borovsky kurgan
Borovsky kurgan is a modern and dynamic developed sport center. Chulkovo is one of the ancient village of Near Moscow, where the traces Borovsky kurgan are. During 40 years, many tourists come here to ski on a brae of the Moscow river. Marvelous view is shown from the Kurgan's peak: snow covered slopes run to the river. For mountainsides are made the traces with different complexity and extension. There are seven ski traces the total extension 1795m. The slopes height is 65m. There are three lifts, one of them is for children. In evenings are lighted three ski traces.

Sport park Volen  
Sport park Volen is situated at the one of the picturesque place of Near Moscow  in town
Ayakhroma, about 46 km from Moscow ring road to Dmitrievskoe motor road. There are a special trace for ski using tubings, lease ski and snowboard outfits, snow blades, skates and some other equipments. Professional instructors study you to ski.

The ice-hill in Novo-Peredelkino probably, the first ice-hill in Moscow and Moscow region, because it is headed for snowboarders.

Ayroslav region
In town Tutaev of the Ayroslav region is situated ski complex Nikolina Gora There are two ski mountainsides in length 210 and 240m with lifts, which are placed near the river Rikusha.

Vladimir region

Puzhalova gora in town Gorokhovze
In town Gorokhovze is situated  a ski complex Puzhalova gora The extension of the traces 450m with height altitude 70m. Bugel lift is mounted on the main mountainside, which serves four traces:a simple, complex, sport, snowboard trace. Evenings the whole traces are lighted. Training
and children traces are served by their lifts.
Ski resorts of Central part Russia, it is an enthralling sight and travel to the sanitary centres, a good possibility for the active rest and simply relaxation in masterpieces places.

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