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Ski Resorts in Caucasus

Caucasus is famous its soft climate and temperate moisture, which  are created some individuality this mountaineering. Blue ices and bright covering of the Alps meadows, beautiful waterfalls and turquoise lakes, intricate rocks and resonant streams are made so indifferent look  this fantastic place of our country.
 Among the mighty mountains and boundless snow is a Paradise of mountain-skiers.

Dombay resort.

Dombay is famous as good russian resort. Today it gains his popularity again.
Dombay's village is located on the territory of Teberdinsky state reserve at a great hight of 1600m above the sea. This resort is one of the modern centre of resorts and sports. It is the Alps ski mountaineering Mecca of the Great Caucasus.
Nonrandom the amateurs of active rest, having skied in winter on the skies, come back in summer to see the wonderful nature with the mountain paths, and take a pleasure of various high mountains nature. On some ices you can ski even in summer.

Traces. Dombay ski resort have about 20 km of  prepared traces and ski lift complex- the balance wheel rope road, five seats road, and bugel lifts. Descending of the mountain Mussa-Achitara  begins at a hight 3002m. Drop altitudes is about 500m.
There are the large east  mountainsides with a great field not far  from standard traces. You enjoy manifold skis for the one descending with the impressing drop to 1300m, and exit to the rope road.

So Dombay enables  large  opportunities for ski among a forest . Not so long, but very interesting ski-ways with the drop altitudes to 600m. If you wish to cope with the ski skills you may address with a help to  the instructors.
And what about free-riders, there are many unbroken  roads. Last time develops a helli-ski: By helicopter some tourist are conveyed on the top of  mountain slope, and take away after the descending. It is an expensive pleasure, but impression is an unforgettable. You can admire a panorama of mountains from the helicopter, and fly round Elbrus.

Krasnaya Polayana resort. 

Krasnaya Polayana is the most distant settlement of Sochi from the sea. This resort often calls as russian Sweden, it is the good resort in all time. But many tourist come here at the period of time November-April, the attraction possibility to ski. In winter with a large quantity of snow the temperature is -10 C.
Here is opened the different schools for unpractised people, they can study the most simple ski technique. Besides ski, you may use of snowboards and sledges, for that is the special snowboard stadium.
Traces. Total area of common available descending is about 25 km. Today work here 5 bugel seat-lifts and four rope roads with double sates with admission of possibility to 1000 people for an hour.
They are served the ski trace with drop altitude 1688m and length about 9 km.
The first trace with its gently sloping rock is suitable for children and beginners. The traces on the second and third order of rope road are steeper and can attract the confident ski , the snowboard amateurs.

Sliding out of trace.  Krasnaya Polayanain Sochi  is famous its large quantity of virgin lands, more 20km uncultivated ground. There are wonderful virgin slopes , tender and fluffy snow, and a full safety.
Free-ride. Free-ride is for that people, who feel yourself very confident out of the trace and raedy to get a big physical load. Free-ride is multifarious style of ski out of the traces. It carry out on the top of the Chernaya Piramidaon the mountain ridge. It look likes on the Garden of mountain-skiers.

Heli-ski. You have a great chance to check your feelings and get the indelible emotions, when you will ski down from snowy glassy of the slopes. You can touch to virgin nature, meet with interesting
wild animals and birds, see the active volcanoes, roll from slopes to the ocean...It is Helli-ski. In oder to go in for Heli-ski, it isn't necessary to be a professional sportsman.
Heli-ski is driving on the top of  mountains by helicopter. Descending from hight 3000m. It is    an expensive rest, but you obtain a great luxury having hitted in such places

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