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Ski Resorts on Kolsky Peninsula

Ski Resorts on Kolsky Peninsula

Kolsky Peninsula is a secret and severe region, situated behind Polar circle, it was ancient land of saam people. Kolsky peninsula is situated on the north-west part of Russia, washed by the White Sea on the south-east, and the Barents Sea on the north. Here flows a lot of rivers, with riches of salmon. The main landscape of Kolsky peninsula is a forest-tundra, which saved the rare wild animals.
Kolsky peninsula is a land of old sport traditions. Thanks to saam-european appeared ski sport in the world. Many interesting ski sport centers settle in this peninsula, and the saam's motherland is attracted for lovers of ski tourism.
Mountains of Kolsky peninsula represent itself separate massifs, rising among low plain. Every massif are a small mountain country with mountains ranges, passes, ravines.  At the mountains you can do ski walking.
Ski routes could be divided into three groups :
1. The route without set to the mountains, travelling to plain places, as a rule to valley of some rivers.
2. The routes,which have a goal to know separate mountain region. Such route consist of consistent going various passes and a motion along the mountain river valleys and massif's table.
3. The complex winter combined routes, which foresee except mountains, a long passing along forest and tundra with passing the night.
The best time for ski travel to Kosky peninsula is March-April. At that time is usually shiny and warmly, but at night the frost reaches -300C. Thaws on Kolsky peninsula are possibly in any month, but usually the are short term. At the motion along the mountains one needs to know, that in spring  
rises an avalanche risk.
It is difficult to imagine winter on Kolsky peninsula without any skis. There are three mountains region on this peninsula-Monchegorsk, Kandalakshy, Kirovsk. The last one is most famous, and by right regards as a centre of ski resorts in Polar. Kirovsk is built on lakeside Bolshoy Vudjyavr at the south part of Khibinsk massif. Khibini are not so high (1200m) almost woodless, but with a lot of snow. Ski season continues at the end of December to May.
There are three places for driving-the northern and the southern, directed to the town, mountainsides Aikuaivenchor and Kukisvumchor
The south slope Aikuaivenchor(1010m) is suitable for beginners. Traces are located on the north, slope are various as a steepness as a relief, and suits for men with different level of training. Total extension of traces is about 30km, what makes up the biggest part of traces from total extension prepared traces in Kirovsk. There work six bugel and one seat lifts. Besides basic ski traces on the northern slope of Aikuaivnchora there is a trace for free style.
Mountain Kukisvumchor(890m) is situated at distance of 5 km easter Kirovsk. In spite of traces are not so long, as on the slopes Aikuaivenchor, but they are more steeper, that's why they attract snowboarders and prepared ski-men. This slope is served by three bugel lifts, both  go to the mean of the mountain, and another goes to the top. The opposite slope kukisvumchor and others Ujkspor and Vudjyavrchor give an opportunity for free ride. There is a school Back country, where studies safety ski driving.   


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