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Hunting and fishing

In ancient Russia hunting and fishing were in generally a work. But gradually the work changed into entertainment for tsars. At that time the falconry was very popular activity, this kind of hunting was popular in Russia only. And at present time there are the lovers of this kind of hunting.
Modern fishing and hunting tours are the kinds of active tourism, combined with a rest, emotions and communication with nature. There are no any barriers for lovers hunting and fishing of interested man. For satisfying his passion he will overcome hundreds kilometers of roads, or oftener impassibility, wakes up before daylight and sometimes doesnt go to bed at all, refuses from home comfort in favour of tent and bonfire and any restaurant delicacies will change for flavoured fish-soup and fried trotter of wild boar.
But before we begin our small excursus in places of hunting and fishing. Lets remember difference between notions Preserve and Reserve. Preserve is a territory which is protected by the law and in which hunting is prohibited. Reserve is historically a reserve of hunting animals.

Astrakhan region

The Astrakhan region can be called a large fishery deposit. Neither professional, nor beginner will remain without catch. Fishing is successful especially in April-May, during spring fish run. Annually volume of catch for every kind of fishes in Astrakhan region is determined on the base of scientific researches. Objects of hunting in the Astrakhan region are wild boar, fox, hare, wolf and also waterfowls birds gees, ducks, water hens.
On the territory of the Astrakhan region every year preying of saiga is prohibited as its population is small.
In spring hunting in Delta is prohibited!

Arkhangelsk region

Here the nature itself take care of fishermen and hunters. This region is full of water resources: more than 70 thousands big and small rivers, and more than 200 thousands lakes. The most full flowing rivers are Pechori and Severnaya Dvina, but they are not big as the Volga.
Bream, white fish, pike, bass, burbot, graylink, cisco, roach, sterlet, salmon dwell in reservoir of the region. Animal world presents polar fox, marten, squirrel, bear, hare and waterfowl birds.
For spring and autumn hunting was formed determine dates. So the hunting on brown bear in Arkhangelsk region is available from 25 of April to 24 of May. The hunting of goose, drake, woodcock in south regions from 2 to 11 of May, in north regions from 9 18 of May.
Hunting is available only in leaded places: in flood plains of rivers, sided with flood plains of bogs and agricultural fields.

Russian North

The north is imposing, wild and primeval. There is still a chaste kingdom of Atlantic salmon the famous Russian salmon. World-famous salmon rivers flow here: the Umba, the Varzuga, the Strekna, the Vyala, the Kola, the Pana, the Ponoi and many others. Fishermen often aim at the rivers of Kola Peninsula not only for salmon but also large salmon trout, rash umber. Trophy pike, large perch, ide, salmon trout and umber are fished in the lakes. The majestic, imposing nature, variety of conditions for fishing, wonderful trophies the North will never leave somebody indifferent!
Every year number of fishermen, who decided to spend their holiday in the open space of the great Baikal lake, grows. Object of fishing is umber. Season of fishing is May-November. Pike, perch are found in warm bays of the Maloe sea and Tchivirkuisky bay. They are well fished by a jig and also various minnows and wobbler. In Tchivirkuisky bay there are places where 7-8 large perches, weight of each of which may reach 1 kg.


Huge territories of Kamchatka are a unique place for hunting. Large population of brown bear, elk, bighorn ship is a consequence of remoteness and protectability of the areas of hunting. In summer and autumn hunters observe some bears lair which large males chose for hibernation. They are grown-up and strong animals. This type of hunting requires maximal professionalism from hunters and hunters efforts. This is a real hunting adventure. Snowmobile is used for moving about the hunting ground. Dogs are also used for this type of hunting. A personal chasseur, perfectly knowing the hunting ground, accompanies every hunter.
Season of hunting brown bear begins from 04.25-05.25 till 08.15-10.30. Hunting elk lasts from the 10th of October till the 25th of October inclusive.
The Eastern Ozernay river flows in the western part of the peninsula and flows into the Bering sea. Approximate length of the river is 160 km. the Eastern Ozernaya flows in the place difficult of access, therefore there is almost no local fisherman. Coast rainbow trout is a main object of hunting. Most representatives of this species of trout, dwelling in the river, reach 40-60 cm in size. Besides trout such species as loach, Siberian salmon, East Siberian char and silver salmon dwell in the river.
The Kitchikh river like most rivers of the western coast of Kamchatka is not deep (1.5-2 m). It is one of the most important spawning river in the western coast. Every year about 10 million salmon fishes. An the present time  in the river are dwelled chinook salmon, hunchback salmon, chum salmon, silver salmon, trout and loach.


Yakutia is a country of old hunting traditions and rich natural possibilities. Y10 the most valuable species of fur games, 6 species of wild hoofed animals, about 20 varieties of water and upland fowls dwell on its territory. Absorbing hunting tours for elk, brown bear, bighorn sheep chibouk, wild reindeer, wolf will also do for amateurs of the nature and adventures. Usually small groups go for hunting.
Numerous large and small, taiga and mountain rivers and lakes, just beautiful places on the banks give an opportunity for fishing in Yakutia, especially beautiful, - and here great luck waits for fishermen. Amateurs of fishermen will be amazed by riches of fish resources, which becomes apparent not only in quantity but also in variety of fish species, including valuable and atypical for other regions. Red fish, malma trout, burbot, umber are fished in the mountain lakes, white salmon, omul, broad whitefish in the rivers. Yakutia fish differs in high taste quality. Exotics of the northern nature adds fishing additional delights: chaste taiga, grey tops of mountains, the salubrious air, primeval purity of rivers and lakes.


Wonderful trophies, picturesque chaste nature! It is a real hunting in the Altai mountain taiga with taiga passages by foot and on horseback, overnight stops in the winter huts, rafting. Numerous various ways and types of hunting: maral on heat by bellow with chasseurs, knowing how to allure an elk, with approach and driving in by dogs; and also Siberian roe in solonetzes and by driving in; bear - with approach, on the lair; at the same time hunting birds and fishing.

Middle Russia

Middle Russia attracts many people its beauty of forests and fields, is famous its reservoirs. Thousands rivers and lakes flow at this region, there are a lot of reservoirs, lakes and pounds. In Near Moscow are kept the places where one can have a good rest and fishing.
At a distance of 135 km from Nizhnii Novgorod, on the right bank of the river Volga, in mouth of the river Sura the upper part of Cheboksary reservoir. It is a suitable place for fishing in any time: there are a lot of islands, shallow bays and channels, deep pits and aspic lakes. On the left bank of the Volga are begun the taiga forest with full of various birds. At these places is available a spring hunting on goose, drake, black grouse and wood grouse.
Great and beautiful nature in Karelia, here is a calm silent and crystal pure rivers. That who was here, will love this region forever. The imposing primeval nature, taiga, clinking silence, pearly rivers, a necklace of blue lakes.

If a real fisherman is lucky to be here, wonderful landscapes of the wild Karelian nature, abundance in mushrooms and berries and difficult but excitable and interesting fishing umber, ide, large lake perch, pike and even salmon wait for him.

Novgorod region

Amazing lake Valday... Not far from lake Valday are placed many different lakes, which are less deeper as the Valday. All of that lake are pure and full of various fishes from gudgeon to trout and grayling. The main available objects of fishermen are bream, bass, pike, roach, ide and tench line.
It should mention that any lake has its own species of fishes. For instance, if you want  to catch a good bream, you should search for it in the lakes as : Tchernushka, Polosi or Elchinskoe. Many tench lines and crucian carps at the lakes Seeredeiskoe, Plotishino and Bolshoe Visokodno. Lake Tigran is famous the large bass, and Ukleinskoe pike and large bream.
Bass and pike are caught in lunch time on spinning. As the weather is cold and wind, you can catch only small fishes. The best time for fishing is evening.

Tver region

Seligersky krai is an ancient and wonderful land. No doubt, you will find here everything at which you aimed silence, clear salubrious air, clear water, successful fishing and hunting, a forest with all its riches. You will find wonderful lake and forest landscapes for yourself, rich historical heritage and all these is united by a symbol Seliger. Today it is the most popular place for rest and tourism in the middle belt of Russia.
SeligerThis word means much more than the name of the lake on the Valdai Hills for most people. We call a miracle of water and light, sunsets and verdure, temples and boats by this capacious name, silvery and mordant a little, like a fish, like a piece of ice. We call eternal attraction of this region is such way. If you like the wild nature, primeval forests, hunting, fishing, rest in Russian traditions, come to Seliger lake. Water, pine-trees, the forest air will allow you to enjoy beauty of the nature of the middle Russia, swim to your hearts content and fish.

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