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Hitch-hiking over the country.

When the sun warmly shines, people go into the motorway, which are leaded in various direction of our country. They are hitch-hikers free travelers. Hitch-hiking (or traveling on passing cars) is still the most interesting and attractive way to see vast expanses of country, if you want to feel new pleasure and excitement, you should try hitch-hiking.
The very fact of Hitch-hiking was spread long ago, since USSR times, they went by passing cars from snowy Arkhangelsk in to warmly Crimea, it was the the simplest deal between youth.
Such type of travelling prefered hippy and unofficial organizations.

After a time, hitch-hiking underwent a change. On the basis of joined various organizations appeared new unofficial organization such as The Free Travelers Academy. It is the association for that, the traveling by passing cars is not the only kind of rest, but especially kind of sport. This association is placed in Moscow and connected with other hitch-hikers from different cities, and offers some significance informations for beginners and interested people in such kind of sport and rest.
Why does hitch-hiking attract us?    

First of all, it allows the tourists not to depend on schedules and tickets. You can go out the motorway in anytime, and will drive so long as you want.
But you can't oder the passing cars, and it is the disadvantages for that people, who constantly hurries up. Well, you should choose, what is the main for you - unhurried travelling over the trace, pleasure of nature and communication with new people, or - the travelling by train and airplane.
Who prefers hitch-hiking, as a rule is divided in two categories. Some of  them are students, reducing due to free trip their expenses, another are the extreme tourists, whom bored vanity of megapolis, and they in such way take the new impressions.

Let's turn our attention to the advices for tourists.

First of all, you should choose the route with the places of overnight. You have an advantage,when you know where you want to go, where you will sleep, and how you can reach to the following town (it is necessary for you to have the atlas of roads). But you will be in confusion, when you go out the trace, not imaging yourself, where you want to come. In any case you should take a sleeping bag, in oder to wait till night is over in the forest, if you couldn't  have a time to reach the determine place in time.

You should also prepare the bright clothes. The driver can  notice you at once, if you wear red or yellow football-jersey and jacket, and when you begin to stop cars, you will have more chances rapidly to go away. Hitch-hiking must be noticeable on the road. His appearance is a visit card od his, as that clean clothes -is the main fact.

Are you interested in free hitch-hiking? Why does the driver not to expect from passenger money?
Let's imagine the big lorry, which ought to go for many miles, in oder to convey the necessary goods. If driver goes alone, so after several days he will want to talk with somebody and will be ready to take a fellow traveller.

You should be ready, when you meet with such driver you ought to talk with him about different stories. And if you before don't like to communicate with new and less known people, you will be able to speak with them as Cicero in different themes with any driver. You will be able to talk with  the officers, who wants to see you documents, with anybody, who will be close with you.

The best of all would be the open air overnight. Forest, silent, mosquitos.... Especially you understand the beauty of the world, when you awake in the morning, and wherever cows are mooed, and people from village watch for the strange man with rucksack going over the trace.


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Unsolicited advice for hitch-hikers

You dream on travel, but you usual ways bored you, and you want something unusual, something interesting and extreme, so you have the simplest way to run away wherever you want, just use the hitch-hiking way.
Don't scare, our advices help you, we tell you briefly, how to become a hitch-hiker.

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