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Extreme tourism

Demand for extreme tourism in Russia is greatly increased. Tourist firms actively offer rafting, traveling on horse back, by bicycle and motorcycle. More and more people are attracted by rafting, diving, pleasure flight on balloon and many others. In Europe, for example, this kind of tourism began to develop by quick temps and becomes more popular at the end of the 80-s the beginning of the 90-s and in Russia since the middle of the 90-s. Lets see several routes of extreme tourism, go to various nooks of the country and look at the wonderful pictures which the nature created. But first of all we will be carried away in 2005 and visit a festival of extreme kinds of tourism.

Festival of extreme kinds of tourism Pyatigoria gathers amateurs and professionals of extreme. Biker-cross, where four sportsmen simultaneously start from a steep slope and, surmounting obstacles, drive down by winding route in advance, can be called the most entertaining. Those, who like more to climb up and conquer the tops, also present in the festival. Assault of Spartacus rocks was carried out in various disciplines.

Now lets divide extreme tourism into kinds. Lets begin with water kind of extreme tourism.

Diving is very popular in the whole world. It is underwater divings with special apparatuses, providing a swimmer with breathing. Diving is both a sport and entertainment. Engaging in diving, you will be able to look into the enigmatic sea depths, nearby observe life of sea dwellers, sense yourself in state of weightlessness, in free flight. Diving-lovers may enjoy beauties of the underwater world of the Black sea in Anapa. You will like reefs of the Taman peninsula very much. Places of ancient moorages, ancient anchors and fragments of amphoras, remains of petrified flora and fauna.

For the last years under-ice diving becomes more popular in Russia. Under-ice diving is arranged, for example, in the Valdai lake. Special program Clear waters of monasteries of Russia was created there. Besides the Valdai a special group organizes diving near Solovetsky monastery in Svyatoe lake, at Balaam in Ladoga lake. You may see fantastic icy landscapes, adits and grottoes, washed away by waters in the lumps of ice. Besides, under-ice drivers come also to the White sea for diving. The most popular place here is Rugozerskaya bay of the Kandalakshsky channel.

Windsurfing is driving on the oval board of coal-plastic with rough surface for steadiness and with fins-stabilizers on the lower plane and a small sail which is furled to the board. Surfing is the same, only without a sail. As a matter of fact windsurfing is originated from surfing. In favorable wind speed may rise to more than 10-12 m/c. In our day record is more than 70 km/h. Windsurfing today is one of the most famous kinds of active rest. Windsurfing is never boring, every day teaches you something new, opening new horizons. You will get incomparable feelings. Such kind of extreme rest does for resorts of the Krasnodar krai. Competitions in this extreme kind of sport are arranged in the beaches of Eisk every year. By wish you may take part in it.

Water skis are one of the most famous kinds of active rest. It is a worthy substitute for mountain skis. You will require 4 things for this sport: water skis themselves, life jacket, gloves and diving suit. Water skis now are very popular in the Black Sea coast.

Kayaking is dreadfully popular abroad. It becomes popular also in Russia. Kayak is a small catcher boat, formerly widely-spread at many peoples of Arctic (it has been kept at a part of Canadian and Arctic Eskimos). A trellised frame of a kayak is made of wood or bone and covered with skin of sea animals from above. A hole, which is tightened by a belt around waist of a rover, in the upper part. It is sailed by two small oars and one bilobated. Kayak is almost unsinkable and well fit to sailing.

Kayaking is a sport of individualists. Though it lack of team spirit, nevertheless it gives an opportunity to throw down a challenge to the element and stay with it face-to face. In the modern kayaking three main courses row slalom, rodeo and rafting. Slalom kayaking is an ability to maneuver in the kayak, sensing boat and water. Rodeo, despite slalom, is not only a masterly technique, but also an element of play. Freestyle on the kayak is a conducting of various tricks on the boat due to the peculiarities of the relief of the river. And, at last, rafting. Kayak is a good means for rafting by a river of any complicacy or play rafting on a small section of a mountain river, choosing separate obstacles: casks, banks and waterfalls.

If you think that it isnt enough for you and you want something new and interesting, you should try kitesurfing a board for surfing and a kite, fit to it. This simple construction permits to sense force of the wind in hands, sliding of the board on water. With the help of the wind a kite tows you in the direction, in which you, but not wind, want. You will get unforgettable impressions. This kind of extreme is available almost in all beach resorts of Russia.

The Irkut river (in translation revolving), in the upper section of which rafting, resembling slalom, as a narrow stream of the river constantly changes, is arranged, flows on the whole length of the valley of Tunkinsky national park. Travelers will have to work in team actively not to overlook required turn, turn away from stones, pull out a raft or a catamaran, colliding with large stones.

Rocky banks with mysterious grottoes and caves, waterfalls, rapid stream, stony river-beds and clear water attract numerous tourists in spring and in summer. Rafting by rivers of the Southern Ural are both non-categorical rafting, when tourists havent to have special skills and experience for participating in traveling, and routes for professionals. Rafting by the Belaya river attracts by exotic of ìàëîîáæèòûé places.

One of the most popular routes of rafting in Karelia, in which even children may take part, is rafting by the Shuya river. The river flows by densely populated places, flows along the high banks, covered with piny woods, abounds in beaches and, certainly, rapids of the second category of complexity. Rafting by the Katun river of Altai. On the section from settlement Ust-Koksa to the mouth of the Akkem river the Katun flows in the wide valley, banks are low, covered with bushes. Width of the Katun here reaches 120 m, there are abundance of channels, robberies, islands, shallow rifts. Rapids are easy. The first serious obstacle in the Katun river is Akkemsky break. These rapids represent a corridor, width of which is 40-80 m. Its left bank is rocks and the right one a large mound, above which there are two shelves, covered with forest. Along the upper one the path stretches round about the rapids. The whole rapids are seen on the right bank. Peculiar obstacle of the Lower Katun is powerful water, banks, height of which is over 2 m, whirlpools. In this section the river numbers more than 50 obstacles. Obstacles of the Katun is characterized by thick swells and whirlpools. Rapids Ilgumensky, Kadrinsky break, Shabash, Teldekpeni-1 and 2, Ilimsky.

Land kinds of extreme tourism

Equestrian tourism is extraordinarily popular in the Southern Ural. It is much pleasanter to ascend on horseback than overcome this distance by foot. Horses of Ural of Bashkir brood a result of crossing of steppe horses with forest ones which lived to the north from Bashkiria are extraordinarily sturdy, characterized by intellect and quiet temperament. Equestrian tourism in the Southern Ural develops mostly owing to traditions horse in Bashkiria has been esteemed as a national symbol at all times. According to efficiency of tourists equestrian tours may represent both ride, which is combined with teaching riding, and also travels of many days. Such travels are an opportunity to cross several natural zones: deciduous forest, coniferous taiga, forest-tundra, feel aroma of forest herbs, of which famous Bashkiria balsams are infused, inhale clear mountain air and admire picturesque landscapes.

Another way of conquering mountain paths of the Southern Ural is biking tours. As a rule, car is provided for biking and equestrian routes and it means that travelers can enjoy speed and natural beauty of the preserves of the region in full measure. Biking tourism attracts not only by sense of speed, freedom but also interesting excursions and an opportunity of valuable rest in the open air. Biking tours are available in all seasons.

Mountain kinds of extreme tourism

Alpinism is considered to be an extreme rest. Today alpinism is an industry which is being evenly developed and popularized. As a rule summer is chosen for ascend. The weather permits to reach a planned top with minimal losses. However, amateurs of the most pungent sensations dont stop even in winter. And difficult meteorologic conditions and avalanching even add sensory acuity to travel. Mountain is a way to subdue oneself, risk, overcome everything and reach the top. You may try it in the resorts of the Krasnodar krai.

The Elbrus region - a wonderful nook of the Kabardino-Balkaria republic always attracts people who are capable to estimate splendor of the sparkling world of mountain tops and the air, saturated with aromas of grasses. It is an international center of tourism, alpinism and Alpine skiing. A net of rope tows, 12 kilometers of rope-ways, 35 kilometers of Alpine route. It isnt by chance that the Elbrus region is considered a real Mecca for mountain-skiers. Blanket of snow is formed here on November, in the Alpine zone the snow lies till May - June. The routes are perfectly equipped and do for sportsmen and also for beginners. These routes are considered ones of the most beautiful in Europe. Beginning mountain-skiers will be taught to feel confident on the mountain slopes of skilled instructors.

Mountain skis and snowboard

Mountain skis and snowboard Mountain skis are one of the oldest kinds of active rest. With years quantity of those who want to ski decreased, on the contrary rather increased. Besides, mountain ski service is much qualitative and various than 10 years ago. Mountain ski tourism is the most developed, perhaps, of all kinds of extreme tourism in Russia. We have mountain ski resorts of quite high quality. And though they much yield to its analogues, for example, in European countries, our tourists with mean income visit Russian resorts with pleasure.


Freeride (descent out of a route) Krasnaya Polyana Descend out of routes are, no doubt, a top of winter rest and at the same time a difficult and unsafe - increased demands in technique, especially on the difficult snow, becomes a serious obstacle for those who make their first steps out of route. Difficulties in orientation, possibility of avalanching and other mountains dangers considerably limit possibilities of advanced riders. Many people refer Krasnaya Polyana to one of the best places for riding out of route in the world. Developed macrorelief, favorable arrangement of the rope-way, which permits to descend in few circuses of the Aibga ridge without a helicopter, nearness of the top of Black Pyramid and other tops of massif Aibga create çêàóñå conditions for backcountry.


Dombai is one of modern centers of rest and sport, climbing, mountain ski and tourist Mecca of Big Caucasus. International competitions for Cup of the world in freestyle, All-Russian competitions in slalom, giant slalom and snowboard were arranged here. In winter Dombai is intended for mountain-skiers. Season for skiing lasts since the 20th of December till the 15th of April and all will find something what they want on the slopes. Its routes are of different complicacy for beginners and skilled skiers. Thickness of snow cover is large and reaches 3 meters in some places. A ski-track is wide, slopes are lack of superfluous steepness. Dombai is not only standard routes but also large opportunities for free skiing. Rich relief permits to build routes of various complicacy, exposition of the slopes gives an opportunity for skiing by the snow of different type.

Air kinds of extreme tourism

Parachute sport is serious and all disciplines, listed below, imply serious training. Classic parachute jumping includes two exercises: the first one is jumping in accuracy of landing, the second oneis a complex of figures in free fall. Relative work. This discipline has as its object a constructing of maximal number of various figures by a team of several parachutists. Classic number of parachutists in a team is 4 and 8. There are also teams of 16 sportsmen. Main figures for constructing is usually announced beforehand, name of these figures give some idea about their form: glass, star, etc.

Cupola acrobatics consists in constructing of formations of cupolas of released parachutes. In this it cardinally differs form other kinds of parachute sport, where work for the result is carried out before releasing of parachute (except jumps in accuracy of landing).

Those, who love the sky and flights, may go to the mountain Yuysa (Caucasus Mineral Waters), which is considered an ideal place for para- and hang-gliding, wind rose permits to fly almost in all direction of the wind. In the beach in Dagomis you may try to go for a ride in tow with a parachute. You will see the resort from the bird flight. It will give you a sea of pleasure and adrenalin.

Ballooning is available for a usual person in different festivals, which are arranged in Russia. Range ability of the balloon depends on force of the wind (certainly, nobody will fly in hurricane), in medium strength of wind it reaches 20-30 km. In the festivals balloons rise to the height of 1000 m. Landing place fully depends on meteorological conditions. The best place for flights in the balloon is Abinsk. Abinsk area belongs to submontane areas of Caucasus and numerous tourist routes lie in its territory. Visiting of the festival of aeronautics, which is traditionally arranged during May holidays, will be interesting for amateurs of mass shows. Besides flights of balloons you may see concerts of folksy groups, eat local cuisine, ride, take part in competitions and sporting events.

There is a great number of opportunities for spending a holiday. But extreme kind of rest remains to be the most interesting and exciting. Above listed varieties of extreme give vent to fantasies and opportunities to try ones forces, helps for several minutes or hours imagine oneself a lord of the wind and waves.

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