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Cruises along Russia
The Volga is the largest river in Russia. Its length consists of more than 3690 km. It begins on Valday hill and flows in the Caspian sea. The river is under ice since the end of November the beginning of December till March it depends upon region. At present time the Volga is turned into the system of reservoirs, as the result drain of high water reduced, the river began to freeze and become clear of ice later. The Volga is joined the Baltic sea by Volgo Baltic water way, with the White sea North Dvinsk water system and Belomor Baikal channels.
More than half of fisheries catch in the inner reservoirs of Russia.
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Cruises along Kama
The river Kama, beautiful Kama is the main and big river in the West of Ural, it is the largest tributary of the Volga, the symbol of Perm region. Catchment area of this mighty river exceeds area of any European state, with the exception of France. Its banks are unique beauty, it is considered as transport artery. Travel along this river is a pleasure not only for adults, but also for children.
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Cruise along the Yenisei
Cruise is a unique opportunity to see majesty of Siberian nature, to cross Krasnoyarsk area from the south to the north, from Sayani to Taimir, to visit the most famous cities and settlements on bank of the Yenisei.
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From Vitegra to Schlisselburg
 Area of water of Vitegra reservoir stretches about for 10 km at width, reaching up to 2 km in some places. The Tagazhma river flows into Vitegra reservoir from the south. In 1-1.5 km up the mouth it admits the Patrov brook, having a narrow and deep valley of canyon form, which acquired a status of geological monument of the nature in 1938, as its left confluent.
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Cruises along the Lena
The Lena is one of the greatest rivers of Russia. Cruise navigation lasts only since the middle of May till the 25th of September. For sailing by the Lena even at the height if summer it is necessary to take warm things with you (sweater, windbreaker, head-dress). Comfortable footwear for pedestrian excursions are very necessary.
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The Moscow-river
The Moscow river is left tributary of the Oka, its length reaches 502 km, area is 17600 km2. Its width in the head (near the Oka) varies from two to ten meters, within the boundaries of Moscow and lower it makes up about 100 m, and its depth doesnt exceed 6 m. 92 confluents flow into the Moscow-river, and they themselves feed on the huge number of rivers, brooks, springs. 362 rivers and about 550 brooks join the Moscow-river.
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The Volga cruise
The most significant historical events, cultural and economic development of the country are connected with the Volga, ancient towns and monasteries stretches along its banks. The Volga (in antiquity it was called the Ra, in Middle Ages the Itil) is the largest river in Europe but in Russia it takes the fifth place, yielding to the great Siberian rivers and the Amur. Its length is more than 3.5 thousand km, for the space of 3,200 km it is navigable, and about 3,000 km of them we will pass during this voyage.
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[2008-05-18 21:19:55]
I need a cruise on the Volga from Kazan to Moscow some where around july 9 till the 19 can you help. Thanks Archie
[2008-05-18 21:18:15]
I am looking for a cruise on the volga from july 10 till the 19 this is for 2 can you help me. Thanks Archie

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