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Baikal Ski resorts

Baikal Ski resorts

Baikal ski resorts- it is the method of self-knowledge and motions. Who at first sight see this marvelous Lake Baikal, will want to come here again.
Baikal's winter is a special phenomenon and true sport lovers are waited impatiently for the season.
When a large armour covers the lake and flowed rivers , the most distant place of Baikal and Near Baikal become nearer and more available. Who has a free time, it would be better come to ski : less people use the lift and cheaper  payment for using the skis . Besides, you can take several lesson from ski instructors.

Mountain Sobolinaya 
Ski complex is situated on the south-eastern part  of Baikal by foot picturesque mountain range Khamar-Daban. Ski season continued in November to May. But you may meet a lot of people in spring season. When spring comes, there is snow at the mountainsides and the sun shines warmly.
The high peak of mountain Sobolinaya-1004m, altitude drops- 500m. There are five towed lifts on the main slopes. Total extension of the traces is 17 km. These traces are for beginners, extreme men and men of experience.
Today Baikal ski complex is the net of certificated  traces and lifts, well qualified instructors and skis patrol. Carrying capacity  of ski complex exceeds 300 men for one day.
You make a tour of the city Sljudyanka, the town of Near Baikal Mineral Perl.

Ski complex Inturist -Baikal   
Ski complex Inturist-Baikal is situated in 45 minutes by car from the town Irkutsk, and in 5minutes from the village Listvyanka and Lake Baikal. The highest peak of the traces is 725m, the lowest point 560m. There are two traces, which are called, thank to configuration, Dollar - its length1000m and Euro - its length 1500m.
Work season continue in December to March.

Baikal free ride

 Mountain Mamay, the north part of Baikal and East Sayan.
For that, who wants to feel extreme emotions, are made the programme for free riders in the region of mountain ridge Khamar-Daban.
The most popular is mountain Mamay, not only for its suitable slopes which full covered of snow and beautiful view to Baikal, but a comfortable conveyance. Here is a convenient place for helicopter.
There are many interesting gathered traces in the region of Baikal mountain range.
Every year here various international, russian and local competitions of winter sports. In February are very soft and suitable conditions for ski, in March mountain - skiers get covered by tan.
Soft and snowy winter, pure air and wonderful landscape make Baikal ski traces  the best traces in Russia. Here you quickly forget about all your business and cares.

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