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Altai ski resorts

Altai ski resorts (Belokurikha resort, Seminsky pereval, Gornaya Shoria)

Geographical location and feature of Altai
Altai Republic is situated on the south-east of West Siberia, at the turn of the largest in the world West Siberian plain and the Altai mountains. In common, the territory of Altai is impressed itself a place, which is gradually rise from the north-west to the south-east. The highest peak-2490m,  situated on source of the river Kumir (Korgonsky mountain range).
Altai mountains are consist of mountain ranges, having difficult position. There are various types in the mountains. Low-mountains rise over plains on 500m and gradually come to middle-mountain with heights to 2000m. For low-mountains are typical dome-type tops(mountain Bobirganand Belokurikhinsky massif.

Belokhuriha resort
At foothills of Altai Mountains  situates a large resort Belokhuriha of federal significance, on the height above 240-250 the sea level. Clean atmosphere and pure air, blu sky against on background are risen the mountains, all these views send for emotions, splendid traces subdue its amateurs and professionals ski sport.
In resort zone Belokhuriha there is a ski complex Blagodat to constitute the whole net interconnected traces, which have a different extent of complexity.
Ski season begins in December, and finishes in March. Use the ecological pure and safety system artificial snow, which help to continue winter ski season.
There are two ecological pension Katun and Sibir in the territory of the resort Belokhuriha, through 100m lay ski traces:
1. The trace on the south slope, have  bugel lift. The traces length is 960m,  altitude drops-190m. Work period is at the end of November to March.
2. The trace on the north slope, have bugel lift. The trace length is 800m, altitude drops-200m.Work period-at the end of November to March.
3. The trace on the mountain Zerkovka (lift 350m from pension Katun
Two seats lift With extension  2050m(lift time 25 minutes), length trace is about 3km, altitude  drops-510m. Work period- at the end of December to March

Training Center Seminsky Preval 
 Semensky Perevalis one of the beautiful places of Altai. Here is soft winter, settled blanket of snow at the end of October to the end of April. In 1986 year was built this training center for high class ski sportsmen (skis, biathlon, etc) This centre is famous not only the professional sport. Many lovers of ski and snowboard go here.
There are two lifts : the first-the length is 700m, altitude-140m, the second- the length 1040m, altitude drops- 20m.

Gornaya Shoria
Gornaya Shoria is mountain-taiga region, situated in the south part of Kemerov region, at the turn of Altai and Saayn, enter to Altai system. Winter this ski resort is popular not only among skiers from Kemerovo, but in all Siberia region. But most of all is famous mountain Zelenya, situated near with inhabited locality Sheregesh. Here are arranged professional and amateur competitions. By nature is created unique conditions for ski sport: steep slope(15-20 degree), extension snow covering-7 month, fine temperate weather without wind, light cool snow, which can boast of its individuality.
Prepared traces with extension of 10km have rope roads.

Gladenkya resort

Mountain Gladenkyais situated in 30km from town Sayanogordk and in 120km from town Abakan. It is the south part of the Khakasia Republic. Ski season continues in November to May.
Traces allow to  make the competition of all ski discipline. More than once there was Russian ski Championship.

Ski infrastructure 
 The main  trace is in the north rope. Extension-3500m, altitude drops-830m.
The low part of the trace: extension-1290m,altitude drops is 827m, serves rope bugel seats.
 The high part of the trace : extension is 1600m, half-pipe, free-ride.
Other traces : on the west slope, extension 1000m, altitude drops-204m, rope towed lift, soft snow for free riding. 


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